Stumble Upon Rolls Out New Updates

Posted on by Timothy Martell
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Stumble upon is one of the fringe social media platforms currently, but they keep them selves relevant with constant minor updates and features. The newest of which is actually pretty cool. Stumble Upon just added a feature that will recommend sites that you have been stumbling upon frequently based on your history. So if you tend to stumble onto a site multiple times they will recognize this and prompt you if you would like to see more from that site. This could make digital marketing with Stumble Upon more relevant.

The other addition is that Stumble Upon doesn’t only recommend sites but interests as well. if you frequently stumble on a particular interest they will prompt you asking if you want to follow a related interest or not so if you frequently stumble upon tech stuff, you might be recommended interests like computer technology, science, and video games. It’s too early to tell through testing how much you might actually have to like a page from the same domain to get these notifications but I’m sure plenty of data on the changes will be forthcoming for social media marketers.

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