The Wizard of Moz(Con) 2019

Greg Gifford of Wikimotive with a bowl of popcorn and the MozCon 2019 logo
Posted on by Jason Cook
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Searching for answers and solutions for your SEO strategy? Trying to sneak a peek at those strategies hidden behind the SEO curtain? Looking for that yellow brick road to take your outdated or stagnant SEO approach out of the stone-age? Well, we’re not in 2006 anymore Toto, so let’s stop ‘easing down the road’ and start cranking SEO up to ‘Ludicrous Speed.’

That’s right! MozCon 2019 is here! Three days with the best and brightest minds in marketing and SEO in the world; so, of course, Greg Gifford and Wikimotive are going to be there! And yes, everything you’ve heard about them is true.

As one of the top minds in local SEO, Greg Gifford’s presentations are unparalleled in both content and execution. Offering a down to earth and actionable approach, designed to drive results regardless of your business vertical, Greg has been celebrated as a global authority in SEO strategy. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that Greg’s presentations are known for their awesomeness. See the world. Search the seven seas. Comb the desert. You won’t find a more entertaining look at SEO than when seen through Greg’s own eyes. He is one with SEO, and SEO is one with him.

In other words, this IS the SEO insight that you’re looking for.

Of course, it’s highly illogical that all of you can make it out to Seattle for Mozcon this week, so be sure and stay tuned to! We look forward to bringing you Greg Gifford’s entire MozCon talk on our Tactical Tuesday episode on 7/23.

And be sure to follow Greg on Twitter, and Wikimotive on Facebook, for all the latest updates as they happen.

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