Welcoming Brandon Parker Director of Social Media

Welcome Brandon Parker to Wikimotive
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The team at Wikimotive is proud to introduce its latest hire, Brandon Parker. Invoking old school journalism, we enlisted our Managing Editor to pose a few questions to Brandon and highlight what makes him such an asset to our company. Without further delay, check out their brief interview…

Brandon, what brings you to Wikimotive?
Years of marketing experience and the drive to increase sales. I’m excited to execute successful social media marketing strategies that I’ve learned throughout the years to help our clients increase sales.

What unique skills do you consider your trademarks?
I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset my entire life. I’ve always looked at something and asked myself, “How can I improve that?” I have a wide range of experience, from setting up POS systems for stores, merchandising displays, teaching snowboarding, and, of course, extensive experience in social media marketing. All of my past endeavors play a vital role in the skills I use every day at Wikimotive.

Our team at Wikimotive is made up of individuals with varied and vast interests. Got any hobbies we should know about?
I’m an avid Jeep and off-road enthusiast. I’m part of a 4×4 club based out of central Massachusetts called The North East Rebs. We organize toy drives and holiday dinner deliveries to veterans in need, in addition to exploring and off roading throughout New Hampshire. I really enjoy helping our local community through a multitude of outreach efforts throughout the year.

Of course you’re a Jeeper! How fitting. Let’s hear more about this Jeep!
I’ve always been fascinated by Jeeps and the carefree adventurous lifestyle that goes along with them. I’ve owned a Jeep since I first got my license. I’m on my third Jeep so far and I love bringing my vision to life by modifying Jeeps myself.

Why Wikimotive?
The focus on results and the team-based atmosphere! I immediately felt right at home with the team. The business model is non-conventional—we don’t utilize a ticketing system, for example. The ability to apply years of my own experience to existing strategies really benefits our clients. This overall atmosphere really makes Wikimotive an awesome place to work!

From the entire crew at Wikimotive – Welcome aboard, Brandon!