What Does Your Klout Score Really Say About You?

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A recent study about digital influence suggests that Klout and other social media measurement tools aren’t entirely accurate with their ratings. Sites like these often claim to measure your influence in the realm of social media but what exactly does digital influence even mean? Brian Solis, author of the Altimeter Group Report, says these online reputation management sites can’t really measure actual influence and instead measure capacity to influence.

Brian’s definition of digital influence is as follows: “the ability to cause effect, change behavior, and drive measurable outcomes online.” Brian also thinks that Brands don’t really understand influence. “While these tools use sophisticated algorithms to calculate a corresponding number, they do not take into account all of the complexities of influence and the nature of relationships between people in social networks,” Solis says. “As a result, brands are potentially allocating precious resources based on the lack of understanding of what influence is and the role influencers play within customer markets.”

The question then is whether you believe there is much difference between the capacity to influence and influence itself. Presumably to get to a level where you have a great capacity to influence you must have a certain following of people who you can potentially influence. The idea that Klout has is, whether or not they can measure actual influence, it is logical that if you have a great capacity to influence you are likely more influential than some one who has a lesser capacity.

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