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Recently I stumbled upon a letter written to the Cleveland Browns and a subsequent response letter to the consumer. While it is quite a humorous read I couldn’t help but think about the ramifications if this was publicized in today’s world of communication saturation. First, here are the letter’s:

Letter to Browns

And the subsequent response from the Stadium:

Letter from Browns

Two question’s come to mind when considering what would happen if this happened today: Would a response like this hurt the brand? Are there some brands that are in a sense,  “reputation proof”.

If this happened today in an instant this would be tweeted, Facebook’d, Google +’d, flickr’d, tumbl’d, digg’d, reddit’d, you name the social media’d and it will be there. This would light up the web as faster than Kim Kardashian can say sex video. There would be a barrage of comments taking both sides and hours later, the main stream media would spin it and pose wether it would hurt the brand or alienate fans, etc.

But from a stadium perspective, they aren’t trying to appeal to all of the commenters and bloggers, and twit’s, etc. They are appealing to the fans of the stadium. Ask nearly any sports fan and they rumble with enthusiasm about the response letter. Much machismo will follow. Everything from sexual orientation and innuendo of every derogative type will follow to negatively characterize the fan “whining” about the paper airplanes. While this may not be “PC” it is very much a statistical (I know there will be a few out there who disagree) reality of the demographic.

Furthermore, might all the attention lead to a renewed interest perhaps even increased interest in the brand and result in a resurgence for a brand that perhaps had been previously waning in popularity (IE the Cincinnati Bengals) etc?

Maybe it’s time for weak market sports teams to write humorously insulting letters to fans… I’m just sayin’ 🙂






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