Why #CarPeeps Rock!

Car People Social Fist Bump
Posted on by Amanda Ryan
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When you think about it, the Automotive Industry really isn’t all about cars, but instead, it is all about the people. Yes, the amazing people who happen to love cars are the ones who know how to make working in the Auto Industry rock.

A shining example of this happened on Monday April 28th 2014, when I decided to post an image of myself giving a “fist bump” (similar to that of a high five, but much cooler) to some people in the Auto Family. Although it wasn’t a special occasion, I spontaneously decided to give some Monday motivation through posting a fist bump photo because, well, they are awesome!

First, I posted on Facebook and tagged a few people then I moved on to Twitter and sent out a similar tweet. I really didn’t expect too much from the posts, possibly a few “likes” or  comments, for I was just sending out a fist bump photo for fun, but the reaction I received surprised me and yet again, showed how amazing the people in the Automotive Industry truly are.

Facebook Fist Bump Photo

Not only did Car peeps “like”, “retweet”, and “comment” on my photos, but many of them also sent me photos of themselves giving me a “fist bump” back. Knowing how busy one can be working in the Automotive Industry, it surprised me that people stopped whatever they were doing at that moment to take a photo and to post them on Facebook and Twitter.

The many great, supportive, fun, and all-around wonderful personalities in the Auto Industry really came out that day on social networks to join in on the silliness I started with 2 photos and one fist bump.

Twitter Fist Bump Photo Fist Bump Twitter Reaction

Within such a large industry, there are truly incredible people who create a really tight and supportive community. It is so impressive how car peeps keep it social and can network in a fun way. I am proud to be a part of the Automotive Industry and I personally wanted to thank each and every one of you for always being so wonderful. You never cease to amaze me!

Therefore, shout outs must go to these incredible people in the Automotive Industry who sent me a fist bump photo on Facebook and/or Twitter. I also encourage you to follow these car peeps on Twitter, if you haven’t already, to either learn more about them or  because you want to add some rock stars to your followers.

Here are their outstanding “fist bumps”

Social Car Peeps Fist Bumps

Erin Ryan                                  Micah Birkholz                            Terry Lancaster

Social Car Peeps Fist Bumps

Jason Stum                A.J. Maida                   Nathan Hays                 Tim Martell

Social Car Peeps Fist BumpsDavid Villa                                 Louie Baur                                    Michael Cirillo

Social Car Peeps Fist Bumps

Sean Joseph Haney                           Jeff Collins                                 Jim Zeigler

Also, a big thank you must go out to all those who commented, liked, and retweeted my fist bump posts (who are in the auto and non-auto industry) and to those who joined in on the fun!!

Such as these cool peeps:

Social Peeps Fist Bumps

Lauren Eick                      Fred Bliss                  Matthew Vella

You ALL Rock!