Wikimotive Celebrated for Curiosity at Dealer Inspire Awards Ceremony

Posted on by Amanda Silva
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What fun is innovation without celebration?

We wouldn’t know…

The Wikimotive team, led by CEO Timothy Martell, just accepted the Curiosity Motive Award while attending the Dealer Inspire first Annual Inspire Innovation Awards before rocking out at DI’s 5th Holiday Extravaganza in Aurora, Illinois.

Hosted by Aurora’s own Two Brother’s Roundhouse, and enlivened by performances from Quiet Reverly and Mike & Joe, two celebrated Midwest music groups, the event was, of course, exciting and fun. Even more than that, it was a recognition of current, cutting-edge efforts, as well as a purposeful step in the name of future innovation.

What I really mean to say is, DI’s CEO, Joe Chura, not only knows how to innovate, the man knows how to throw a party! And you should see him on the dance floor

Alongside other dealers and automotive groups, Wikimotive was celebrated for being a team collectively driven by curiosity. Rather than rely on what’s been done or what others are doing, we routinely experiment with SEO in an effort to optimize results and deliver ultimate returns.

Why is it crucial to be curious?

According to Tim, “It drives us, pushes us to continue to look for new angles and perspectives. It keeps us savvy and reminds us to never become complacent.”

The collaboration between Wikimotive and Dealer Inspire is a first for Tim, who has never recommended a vendor to his clients until he began working with Joe, and observed Dealer Inspire’s ground breaking quality. The partnership between Wikimotive and Dealer Inspire represents a symbiotic push for innovation. Wikimotive and Dealer Inspire’s mutual efforts are not only exciting and unique to the industry, but deliver maximum benefits to their clients.

Wikimotive co-founder, Zach Billings, explains: It’s really great to be working with a company that shares our passion for finding the best solution for the client, as opposed to putting competition and profit in front of best practices.

As Wikimotive’s original founder, Tim was honored to accept the Curiosity Motive Award on behalf of his team and will continue to challenge the boundaries of how SEO can enhance dealer efforts by keeping his crew curious and committed to innovation. “This curiosity keeps us learning and allows us to discover new opportunities, which keep us on the cutting edge of innovation, which drives our unparalleled results.”

All of us at Wikimotive want to thank Joe for an amazing experience with the Dealer Inspire team and for recognizing us as an award-winning group, committed to future innovation.