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Sales Position Opening
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Wikimotive is looking for help. That’s right, rather than offering our usual helpful advice this week, we’re asking you to step up to the plate. Wikimotive is currently hiring for our Sales Manager position, and we’re looking for an experienced Sales Manager to potentially become the VP of Sales.

As the Sales Manager for Wikimotive, it would be your job to build and manage a team of experienced sales professionals. You would even be able to work from home with periodic mandatory company meetings. We need someone who, armed with a phone and the Salesforce CRM, can follow-up on leads and close deals. Currently we have over 2,000 great leads to work and we’re generating around 200 new ones every month.

We are only looking for experienced sales managers so please, if you have never run a sales team before you need not apply. If you read our blog you know that we deal with most aspects of digital marketing, so candidates will be given preference if they can display a working knowledge of  SEO and social media marketing. In addition to a working knowledge of digital marketing, our entire business is based online, so we require more than just a passing familiarity with technology. Being comfortable with email, computers, and the internet is, of course, a key trait for someone interested in the position.

Wikimotive is a relatively young company focused on teamwork as a virtue, not a platitude. We work hard to always ensure that, not only are all of our clients happy, but that all our employees are happy and successful too. If you have experience and believe you could be successful with thousands of warm leads and complete control over a sales team, please send a resume and cover letter to This is your opportunity to build a sales team from the ground up, while collecting lifetime commission on personal and team sales, and even significant future profit sharing as the VP of Sales.

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