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Posted on by Daniel Hinds
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It’s our pleasure to announce the newest addition to the Wikimotive family: Cubicle Health! 

Cubicle Health was created because the owners saw a gap in the marketplace. Sitting down and working all day is bad for your health, and with every additional study that is released, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Existing standing desks were either too expensive or grossly inconvenient, so Cubicle Health was born. Their standing desk solution is affordable, portable, and works with virtually all existing cubicle furniture. It’s currently in the final stages of production, and you should be able to order your own in the next couple of months.

“It’s a pleasure to be working with the guys over at Cubicle Health,” said Wikimotive President Timothy Martell. “They have a new product they believe in, and with Wikimotive’s help, there’s no doubt they will be able to carve themselves out a nice niche in the market. It’s entrepreneurship at its finest!”

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with the gentlemen over at Cubicle Health. They’re working to make office employees healthier, and that’s something a majority of Americans can appreciate.  Here at Wikimotive, we look forward to playing a part in their newfound success in the industry.

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