Wikimotive Welcomes Erin Ryan!

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There are people who are good at what they do, and then there are people who are so incredibly good at what they do that they transcend their profession. They don’t just stay abreast of all the latest trends, they’re out on the bleeding edge, forging the trail for everyone else in the industry to follow.

Erin Ryan is such a professional, and now, she’s the newest addition to the Wikimotive team.

+Erin Ryan has been at the forefront of social media for years, and she’s worked with the best in the business. Her staggering curriculum vitae includes names like TK Carsites, KPA, Salesforce, Tagged, PunchTab, ColumnFive, Mashable, Bit Rebels, Techi, Soshable, VentureBeat and Social Media Examiner.

She has a laundry list of achievements, but the most impressive just may be mastering the Facebook Algorithm. Many have researched this elusive bit of code, but none as methodically and thoroughly as Erin Ryan. Her deep understanding of the way Facebook collates and delivers content enables her to create custom tailored social media strategies for all of her clients, strategies that maximize reach, engagement, and overall growth.  She is a pure strategist at heart and if she has one talent, it’s creating world-class Social Products that deliver undeniable results.

Erin is also known for her Social Media online webinars, for her various content writing around the web and is immensely passionate about Social Media and Internet Marketing.

Erin would be delighted for you to learn more about her and to connect further on Erin Ryan’s Social Networks through her Profile.

Please feel free to contact Erin at 888.975.9454 ext507 and in the meantime, as Erin would say,

Have Yourself a Social Day!




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