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It’s our pleasure to announce the newest addition to the Wikimotive family: Peters Automotive!

Peters Automotive is a complete solution automotive dealer with three distinct rooftops: Peters Nissan, Peters Kia, and Peters Honda of Nashua. They are based out of Nashua but service all of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including nearby communities like Manchester, Tewksbury, and the Merrimack Valley. They offer new vehicles from Nissan, Kia and Honda, as well as used vehicles from most of the major manufacturers in the automotive industry.

Like most dealerships, Peters automotive depends heavily on internet traffic. Competition is fierce in their part of New Hampshire, so they are joining forces with us to help them stand out from the crowd. Using all honest and open SEO techniques, Wikimotive and Peters Automotive will soon be ranking at the top of Google’s first page for all relevant terms. Additionally, we will be helping to manage their network of blogs, spreading news and entertainment to their digital community.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Peters Automotive and everyone they employ. It’s a wonder in this day and age to see an automotive dealership that places so much value on their customers, and we here at Wikimotive are proud to be a part of their continued success in the industry!


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