Wikimotive’s Amazing Adventure at the Epic #IS20G 2014

Posted on by Amanda Ryan
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Wikimotive attended this year’s Internet Sales 20 Group held in Atlantic City, New Jersey from April 8th to the 10th 2014. This amazing workshop is put on every year by one of the Automotive Industry’s leading subject matter experts, Sean V. Bradley, and it is where an all-star lineup of speakers, expert panelists, and presenters come together to share their combined automotive experience, insights, and knowledge.

Wikimotive’s very own Sean Joseph Haney flew to New Jersey to attend the Internet Sales 20 Group to develop professional relationships, interact one-on-one with fellow attendees, and to gain priceless knowledge about phone sales, CRM processes, business SEO, social media best practices and e-mail marketing, which this workshop offers.

We wanted to share our amazing adventure at the workshop through social media, kicking off the fun by using Sean Haney’s outstanding high-five skills (he really should have a black belt) to begin connecting with others who share the same passion for the automotive industry with a “Wanted” poster.

Sean at IS20 Group

We encouraged those attending #IS20G to find Wikimotive’s Sean Haney at the workshop, and those who did received a “Reward” (as all Wanted posters must have) of his outstanding high fives.

It was fun to see the interactions that took place online in response to this poster from those attending Internet Sales 20 Group.


Let’s just say awesome high fives were given out!

Here’s one in action with Sean Haney and the automotive industry’s well-known, Subi Ghosh. Now, just look at the power of that high five and those social smiles!

Subi and Sean IS20G High five

Incredible connections were made during Sean’s time at the workshop, including a meet-up with the Internet Sales 20 Group’s very own Sean V. Bradley! We just had to tweet about the two ultimate Seans.

Sean_with_Sean_IS20GAs the good times were happening and great knowledge was being gained, Wikimotive decided to add a little more fun to the adventure of tracking down Sean Haney at IS20G.

That’s right, we upped the ante from receiving a rockin’ high five (which are truly spectacular) to the first 5 dealers to purchase an SEO package from us would receive our ultimate Social package free for one month, including free Facebook ads and promoted posts!

Some-what playing on the 1990’s television show, “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” we decided to make Sean the one to find and shared it on our social networks.

IS20G Wikimotive Dealer Reward

Today is the final day of this year’s Internet Sales 20 Group and we are sad to see it end. We have had an amazing time, both at the workshop and online connecting with others in the automotive industry!

We hope you too had an amazing adventure and we can definitely say, in the words of Sean Haney, ” So, Sean Bradley knows how to throw an event, way to go!”