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This month, Wikimotive’s own Timothy Martell is featured the Viewpoints section of Auto Dealer Monthly in recognition of the successful Facebook marketing initiative launched at Marlboro Nissan in 2010. What is not covered in the article are the incredible results experienced by Marlboro Nissan as a result in this initiative which are outlined here.

In January of 2010, Timothy Martell set out to uncover the process for successful automotive facebook marketing. The criteria for success was as follows:

1) To drive “Like’s” (Fans) to the dealer’s fan page

2) To increase brand awareness in the local market

3) To increase traffic to dealer website

4) To create a conversion path using the Facebook platform to increase leads

5) To create a direct path for consumer engagement.

6) To measure results

7) To generate revenue and gain incremental business.

All of those goals were met as a result of the initiative! The following are the resulting metrics of each goal:

1) Marlboro Nissan Fan Page has over 14,000 “Like’s” (Fans) and still growing at nearly 100 likes per day!

2) The overwhelming majority of sales resulting from the Facebook marketing initiative were not aware of the Marlboro Nissan brand prior to “Like”ing Marlboro Nissan’s fan page.

3) Facebook was the #1 source of traffic to the Service section of Marlboro Nissan’s website and #3 source of traffic over all for 2010.

4) The FBML used to drive traffic and phone calls to Marlboro Nissan resulted in a 5% increase in e-mail leads and a 33% increase in phone calls to dealer.

5) “Likes” (Fans) of the page routinely contribute content and engage in Marlboro Nissan’s daily posts.

6) By surveying post sale logs and service appointment logs and utilizing Google Analytics and the Dealer CRM holding the initiative accountable became a reality.

7) The Facebook marketing initiative resulted in an increase of over $6 Million in gross sales and a 47% increase in net profit in 2010.

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