Automotive Marketing

Automotive Marketing is one of the most important facets of advertising for any dealer. The Automotive sector is one of the most competitive places to try and stand out, so it requires extra dedication and perseverance. It’s one of the rare fields where it is not enough to be effective. If you are merely “effective” then you can be sure your competitor will be getting plenty of your business. No, when it comes to Automotive marketing, you have to be the best if you want to make an impact.

Automotive Marketing Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Most businesses competing in digital marketing today recognize the need for a online marketing strategy. Automotive Marketing is a powerful way to increase brand exposure. The level of competition in the automotive retail sector, however, is possibly one of the most competitive spaces in which businesses compete for search placement. While car dealerships are local businesses, in order to gain a competitive advantage in search, often broad match national terms are of equal and even greater importance to the local search focused efforts of some SEO companies.


We Understand the Car Business

Its a lot easier to promote something people buy every day like a latte at Starbucks. But car dealer’s customers see them every 3 months (for service) and every 3 years (on average for sales). And whats worse, consumer loyalty is at an all time low. So how can an automotive marketing campaign be a solution to this reality?

After spending 20 years in automotive retail, Wikimotive’s founder, Timothy Martell, applied a simple truth to Wikimotive’s online marketing initiatives – the car business is a numbers game. The more people know you, the more people visit you, the more people take a demo drive, the more people get a TO, the more people buy – it’s that simple.

For this reason, successful online marketing is a perfect compliment to the car business because success in automotive marketing is by definition a numbers game!


Internet Marketing Strategies That Consistently Deliver Results

At Wikimotive, we gear online marketing for car dealers with a balance for both local and broad match search terms. We finely tune our services, especially social media marketing and Automotive SEO, to give dealers maximum exposure. We balance local, regional, and national terms so that you’re being found by potential customers wherever they may be.

Our internet marketing practices are guaranteed to be ethical and effective. It’s easy to jump out of the gate with dishonest internet marketing strategies, but they’ll backfire quickly. The only way to truly succeed in your online marketing efforts is a focused, concerted effort guided by experts and committed to 100%.


Customer Acquisition Has Never Been Less Expensive

Automotive Marketing is now an essential part of any complete marketing strategy for car dealers. The most significant advantage is the much lower cost per acquisition to bring a consumer to the dealer’s storefront as compared with more traditional marketing media.

Here at Wikimotive, we work with people from all branches of the Automotive industry, no matter what the position or experience level. Our solutions are tailored to the client and a la carte, so we can help you with as much or as little as you need. We’ll sit down with you and isolate your needs, ensuring we can build a strategy that will accomplish your goals in a reasonable time-frame for a reasonable rate.


Call Wikimotive and Secure Your Advantage Today

Even if you just have a couple questions, Wikimotive is here for you. We have decades of experience in the automotive business and we love helping new dealerships become acclimated to the subtleties of online marketing. Call or email us today!

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