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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media marketing is the practice of leveraging social media platforms to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate new leads, and even recapture website users who haven’t converted. Similar to marketing on search engines there are organic and paid components which must be considered, with unique techniques, strategies, and purposes for each.

The social media landscape is constantly evolving. Existing platforms can change how they serve content or how their algorithms work, while new platforms are always popping up. In social media marketing it is critical to stay on top of these changes so you can effectively leverage the platforms that generate ROI and be aware of which ones might soak up your marketing budget without generating results.

Nearly 70% of U.S. adults have at least one social media account, and most use their social media platform of choice on a daily basis. Social media marketing opportunities are extensive, with such a broad and engaged audience, and while many question whether people really engage with ads on social media, the data doesn’t lie; the average U.S. Facebook user clicks on 8 ads per month. Not only is social media a great source of additional exposure and business, but your business can’t afford not to maintain an active social media presence. 90% of brands use social media to increase brand exposure, so if you aren’t doing the same, your competition may be eating your lunch.

Our expert social media marketing team can help you navigate this crowded and complicated marketing space, generating exposure and business by managing your business’s social media presence and advertising.

Platform Development

A strong social media presence begins with selecting the platform or platforms that make sense for you to be on. Next you must ensure that your platforms are set up correctly and optimized to generate exposure. Finally, if you’re going to use paid advertising on social media you will need to connect and integrate data such as user tracking on your website and inventory or product catalogs. With everything properly configured you’ll be ready to serve the right products to an audience that’s ready to buy.

Learning Your Users

In order to post the right content and craft the right ads, you must know your audience and what they will react to. We evaluate what your audience is engaging with and what converts for you. We also collect data from your website traffic to allow you to follow users who didn’t convert with your branding messages and the products they’re interested in.

Customizing for Audience

Sometimes on social media the content you thought would work best falls flat. We learn your audience and gauge how posts and ads convert, constantly adjusting and tweaking to generate the best results for the least money.

Ads Strategy

There are numerous ways to target ads on social media. You can retarget people who have been on your site, prompting them to come back and convert. You can use the platform’s own user data to target new users with compelling branding messages. You can even purchase access to data based on specific demographics and behaviors, allowing you to tighten your ad targeting to just the right users. Considering your goals, your intended audience, and selecting the content and ad types that will meet those goals is the key to success in social media advertising.

Goals Analysis

We work with you to determine what you’re trying to accomplish with your ads. You may be trying to retain website users, sell a specific product or service, or maybe just expose your brand to as many people as possible. We will consider your needs and budget to deliver a plan that will maximize the return for your spend.

Craft Ads

Your ads must fit your audience, and we will ensure that the content we serve for you will grab their attention and generate the desired conversions. Planning ad delivery is also key to success. Branding ads need to be served to every user multiple times to force ad recall, while a product ad may need a clear and compelling offer to generate an immediate click.

Page Management

The content on your social media page needs to reflect your products, brand, and unique style, while also consisting of content that users will actually engage with. Post days and times, as well as the frequency with which you should post will vary by platform and must all be optimized to generate the best results. Knowing the user statistics for your industry and the social media platforms you’re using is crucial to maximizing each post and engaging the most relevant users.

The Right Mix

A variety of content is important to maintaining engagement while generating results. We use a blend of sales-oriented content, along with lighter content which still reflects your brand and products without trying to sell something. Lighter content generates engagement and page momentum, allowing sales-oriented content to reach further.

Driving SEO

A social media strategy can have further-reaching effects than just the branding and conversions that it generates on its own. Social media can also be tied into your content SEO strategy. If we’re writing SEO content on your website we syndicate it to your social media. This generates engagements and traffic which drives your search authority.

Wikimotive Social Media Management

Social media marketing is a complex and multifaceted marketing medium which takes expertise and planning to leverage without great waste. We will learn your business and your audience, and craft a strategy that connect the two. Our priority is not to put you on the latest sparkly social media platform, but market your business on the platform or platforms that will generate ROI. We manage your page posts and engage with users on your behalf, generating exposure and optimizing your page for social media algorithms. We will also craft an ad strategy that reaches the audience you need in a cost efficient way, with an approach that’s optimized for your goals. What makes Wikimotive different is our attention to detail. We don’t see that your page got some Likes and call it a day. We analyze the data from your posts, to your ads, to traffic behavior on your website, and make adjustments and recommendations to ensure that your social media marketing endeavors are successful. We even listen and respond to all of the people who engage with your content -- making you seem ever present and vigilant to your audience!

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