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Social media is no longer an opt-in for businesses. If you're not using Facebook and other major social networks to compete for users' attention and business, you're giving away sales to competitors.

Social media has become more than just a way for people to connect with friends and family. It's used to break news, start revolutions, and generate buzz for businesses around the world. On social media, a business is not just a product or service to users. People interact differently with businesses through a medium like social media, and it's up to you to swing those interactions in a positive or negative way.

Wikimotive's social media service is all about driving home positive interactions and generating genuine interest in your business. This high-quality approach is what separates our product from the competition.

Market to the RIGHT Audience

We're not interested in simply reaching users who can click the like or follow button, we're interested in people who can get in the car and come see you the same day they're introduced to your products or services.

Within your local area, we target people whose interests line up with the products you sell or services you provide. Our social media experts delve deep into Facebook's business tools to help you not only reach those people, but engage them as well.

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Boost SEO with Social Signals

Our social media service compliments the SEO solutions already in action on your website. This gives your SEO package a performance boost, providing better rankings thanks to the cross-platform syndication of the content we create.

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Get Real Leads from Social Media

If you've been told you can't get leads from social media, you've been duped. With the right mix of targeting and relevant content, you can reach new customers and establish your brand as a local leader.

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