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Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a term for the collection of practices aimed at optimizing not just your website but all web locations related to your business. These optimizations are done with the end goal of increasing your visibility, when searchers in your local market are looking for you or your product or service. If you are a business which serves a customer face-to-face, local SEO ensures that people can find you quickly and easily in search, giving you the first chance at their business.

Today, more and more searchers understand that search engines know their location and can match it to local businesses. As a result, searches such as “Dealerships Near Me” and “Plumbers Near Me” are becoming increasingly common, and your web presence needs to be optimized so that search engines know to present you when a local search term is used.

In order to perform local SEO you must understand how search engine algorithms weight your importance for a specific location, as well as how users search for local terms and what tools are available to you, to improve your local search visibility. Knowing is half the battle, the other half is effectively implementing this multi faceted strategy, using a combination of one-time fixes, ongoing content creation, constant local outreach, and a battery of regular checks to ensure your site stays current with changing trends in search algorithms.

Our team of local SEO experts will sync up your web listings, create local content, drive local backlinks, and set you up for increased search visibility in your local marketplace.

Local Listings Management

When information about your local business is conflicting on difference sources, search engines have a hard time determining what is true and what is false. Today, search engines are obsessively focused on providing searchers with the most accurate results possible. For this reason, if a search engine algorithm isn’t confident that it knows your business name, address, phone number, and purpose, it won’t serve you as prominently in local search results. There are hundreds of different web listings sites out there, which roll up your name, address, phone number, description and more. Different listing sites pull their information from different sources and may or may not update automatically when a change is made. This causes inaccuracies and inconsistencies over time, resulting in difficulty maintaining local search rankings. Local SEO begins with syncing your information on web listing platforms, from Google My Business to the ones you’ve never heard of.

Data Collection

The first order of business is to collect your accurized business information to use as a master for making updates online. We gather things from your official name, address, and phone number (N.A.P.) to your department hours and accepted forms of payment, down to the exact location of the entrances to your building.


With an accurate master list established, we go through the painstaking process of syncing every web listing from big to small, allowing search engines to trust that they know where and what you are. Of course, many of these listings don’t update automatically when you update source material like your website or Google My Business, so we also monitor your citations and constantly make updates as inaccuracies pop up.

Local Linking

Links to your website from local businesses and organizations are one of the very best ways to show search engines that you are relevant in your local market. The more established the business or organization is, the more helpful their link, but local links of all types are helpful. Generating new local links is a hands-on process, requiring outreach and hard work, but is also one of the local SEO activities with the highest return.

Backlink Evaluation

We evaluate all the sites currently linking to your website and specifically look at those which are of local relevance. We consider not only the backlinks you have, but which pages they link to and how the link itself is set up on the backlinking website. These factors can be very important to local authority and it can be helpful to ask for adjustments.

Acquiring Local Links

Once we establish what you have for local backlinks, we’ll strategize ways to increase the quantity and quality of your backlinks and offer solutions to help you get them. Networking with other businesses can be a great way to get strong links to your site. Community involvement and sponsorship of local sports and charities can be another great way to get local backlinks.

Local Content

Local content is similar to content marketing, but with a local area focus. As with all content marketing, local content must be of high quality and quantity, and must answer the intent of the user’s search. Local content comes in various forms, and not all pages need to have a dedicated local focus to incorporate the technique. For example, a page addressing a service that your business provides could also incorporate a paragraph detailing how that service is specifically beneficial in your region, or how customers in different areas can get to your business. Other pages should have a specific local focus, and can include local guide materials, and pages featuring community engagement. It is important to have a diverse array of quality local content on your website, to create context for search engines to understand your local relevance, alongside other local SEO and content marketing efforts.

Wikimotive Local SEO Service

We begin by collecting your official business information and syncing all local listings to it, so everyone is on the same sheet of proverbial music. While monitoring those listings and making ongoing corrections, we evaluate your existing local backlinks and help you get new ones to increase your local relevance in search. Our expert content marketing team then generates local content pages on your website, which work in conjunction with the backlinking efforts to actively optimize your pages for local search in a user and community-centric way.

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