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Local SEO

Wikimotive Service SEO Header Image Sam and Dave Discussing SEO Strategy

Local SEO

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Having your contact information front and center on the results page means you're more likely to get the high-value leads you want.


More consumers are looking to spend their money locally, which means you need to be prepared to capture that activity.


Even pandemics can't stem the demand for vehicles, which means you need to be positioned to strike when the time is right.

The Importance of SEO to Your Dealership


Local SEO (search engine optimization) is the collection of practices aimed at optimizing your website and other web entities to rank well in a certain area. Local SEO aims to increase your dealership’s visibility when it comes to searchers in your market who are looking for a car or service you offer. By working on local SEO, you can help to ensure your audience can find you and get in touch easily. This gives you a greater chance of getting their business.

It’s common knowledge that a simple search for something like “car dealership near me” will bring up a slew of results based on the searcher’s location. Because of the simplicity and convenience this type of search offers, queries like this are quite common. This makes local SEO essential to your dealership–you want to be the one to show up for those common searches.

How does one do this? It all starts with getting an understanding of how search engine algorithms view your importance and relevance in a particular area for a particular product. Of course, you should always make sure that your address is accurate across all of your web entities: your website, social media, and, of course, your Google Business Profile (GBP). From there, you need to identify your service areas, define what is local to you, and implement a strategy for ranking in those places. This will include syncing up your web listings, creating content that boosts your authority in the local area, and finding backlinking opportunities. We do these things and more at Wikimotive. We’re here to set you up for increased search visibility, allowing you to take ownership of your local market.

Local Listings Management

When information about your local business is conflicting on different sources, search engines have a hard time determining what is true and what is false. Today, search engines are obsessively focused on providing searchers with the most accurate results possible, as they should be. For this reason, if a search engine isn’t confident that it knows your business name, address, phone number, and purpose, it won’t serve you as prominently in local search results. Local SEO efforts should always begin with syncing your information on web listing platforms, from your Google Business Profile to Apple Maps and Bing Places.

Data Collection & SYNCING

When you work with us at Wikimotive, our first order of business is to collect your dealership’s information to use as a master for making updates across the board. We work with you to collect accurate and updated information, such as your official name, address, phone number, hours, and more, so that we can make changes as needed, ensuring your website and business listings are uniform.


With an accurate master list established, we will have reference material to go off of and routinely monitor your listings, ensuring they stay accurate. Sometimes, users make suggestions to your listings that get approved by the platform (Google, Apple, etc.). This can be tedious to monitor and keep up with, so we handle that for you. Our team keeps track of your local listings and makes sure the information continues to stay accurate over time.

Local Linking

Links to your website from local businesses and organizations are one of the very best ways to show search engines that you are relevant in your local market. The more established the business or organization is, the more helpful its link is, but local links of all types are helpful. Generating new local links is a hands-on process, requiring outreach and hard work, but it is also one of the local SEO practices that can provide high return.

Backlink Evaluation

It’s important to keep an eye on the backlinks that lead to your site. These should be monitored to ensure the backlinks you receive are of high quality and that the links come from websites/content relevant to your business. This is essential because those links are how you will build relevance and return, while spammy links can bring you down.

Acquiring Local Links

The best way to acquire quality backlinks is to be an authoritative voice in your community, one in which people can rely on for your expertise. By having meaningful relationships with other local businesses and being a useful resource in the community, you may be able to earn some local links. You can also reach out to local businesses who have mentioned you in their content, asking them to add a link to your website. But you should never purchase backlinks as these will be viewed by search engines as spam, can be penalized, and, again, can take away from your local rankings.

Local Content

Content is an essential part of a local SEO strategy; it is what helps you build authority for your dealership within a designated area. As with all content marketing, local content needs to be of high quality and must answer the intent of a user’s search––one relevant to your business. Local SEO for a car dealership shouldn’t be a blog post listing the best ice cream shops in your area; it should instead be focused on something you offer, such as a particular vehicle, and why that model is good for local residents. For example, a Subaru Crosstrek would be good for New England drivers as it does well in the snow. The heart of local content is connecting your business and its importance to the community you are looking to serve.

Wikimotive'S Local SEO Service

If you want to take charge and outrank all of your competitors, you need a strong local SEO strategy. Here at Wikimotive, we are happy to work with over 100 dealership rooftops across Northern America to help them dominate their market. From collecting your business information and syncing it to all of your local listings to implementing a focused content marketing strategy to grow your dealership’s local authority, we do it all.  Not sure how your dealership is performing locally? Schedule a free website audit to learn more about your missed opportunities and how we can help you achieve ultimate success.
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