Our Mission

Wikimotive provides a comprehensive online marketing solution for auto dealers, large and small. From national franchises to individual dealerships, we offer a custom-tailored product that takes into account your location, competition, and brand image. Automotive SEO is not one-size-fits-all, and not every dealer has the same goals. At Wikimotive, we will work with you to provide a digital marketing solution that is designed to produce leads and increase sales, not just check a box.

A Decade of SEO Experience

Automotive SEO hasn’t been around all that long, but Wikimotive has been here since the start. In 2009, our President, Tim Martell, realized that there were few good options for dealerships looking to expand their digital marketing. While there are plenty of SEO companies out there, not many of them understand the unique challenges of the automotive industry. Yet, Tim was up for the challenge, combining his personal experience working at automotive dealerships with his passion for digital marketing. The following year, Tim founded Wikimotive, building a team composed of experts in both internet advertising and traditional automotive sales. Since those early days, Wikimotive has grown quickly, helping dealerships across the country grow their digital footprint, and more importantly, their sales. Our services now include a wide range of products, ranging from technical and local SEO to social media reputation management and more - all grounded in an understanding of the particular challenges of the automotive industry. The importance of digital marketing is only increasing, and Wikimotive is excited to help forward-leaning dealerships continue to expand their operations into the future.

A Commitment to Excellence

Every SEO company will tell you that they are committed to excellence, but how many of them target a minimum 500% return on investment for their clients? The world of digital marketing changes every single day, and only a team truly committed to being the best in the business can produce that level of results. Wikimotive empowers every member of our hand-picked team to continuously refine and improve the products that we offer. That’s what keeps us, and you, ahead of the competition in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Even in the digital age, success starts with picking the right people and helping them grow. Wikimotive is powered by a dynamic team of individuals who take their jobs seriously and bring their own unique experiences and talents to the table. Quality SEO is a group effort, and when we say that we are a team, we mean it. We aren’t your average company, and we aren’t afraid to break new barriers as we work to produce a one-of-a-kind product.