Wikimotive was conceptualized in 2009 and founded the following year by its President, Timothy Martell. Beginning as a Search Engine Optimization service focused on the automotive industry, Wikimotive has grown quickly; now servicing numerous verticals and providing a broad range of digital marketing services to its clients.


Wikimotive’s mission is to provide comprehensive online marketing solutions to auto dealerships and businesses of all sizes. We continually hone our services to maintain our position at the cutting edge of the digital marketing industry. Through preemptive responses to an ever changing market and steadfast commitment to innovation, we keep our clients ahead of the curve and before the eyes of the customers and consumers that they serve.

About Us

At Wikimotive, we target a minimum of 500% ROI for our clients, and generally far exceed that. Other online marketing companies merely accept checks and claim they have worked tirelessly, not ever truly substantiating that claim. We not only provide the results that we promise, but are completely transparent about the process we go through to achieve said results. Every page we build and every link we create is made available for our clients to see, ensuring that they are receiving the expected return on their investment.

At Wikimotive we do not want to provide clients with only the expected results; we want to become a trusted asset which they can utilize beyond our service menu. Thinking about acquiring a new marketing service that is not listed on our menu of provided services? Just ask us, we will gladly provide the additional services required; if we can’t provide it at a competitive price, we will recommend another trusted provider who can. Our entire executive team has prior professional experience in car dealerships and the retail world in general. We are here to provide for our clients, to be the ultimate answer for all their digital marketing questions.

Our clients swear by Wikimotive. Request a demo today & find out why you will too.

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"We work with Wikimotive in both the Automotive and Non-Automotive industries and cannot recommend them more highly."

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"If you are looking for a professional SEO company to take you to the next level look no further."

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"Dealing with Wikimotive has been a breath of fresh air.There is constant two way communication and planning to enhance our results."

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"Wikimotive will get you results!"

Our Blog

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