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Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is the practice of actively managing your business’s online reputation, including reviews, social media or forum mentions, and questions on various web platforms such as Google My Business or Amazon. Reputation management could also be called perception management, as it not only serves the purpose of keeping existing customers happy, but also collectively crafts the perception that future prospective customers will have of your business.

Over 90% of consumers read online reviews before making large purchase decisions. This means that not only is it important to cultivate a strong online reputation, but you must manage it actively, replying to questions, comments, and concerns that you receive. It’s impossible to avoid ever receiving a negative review. Some customers just can’t be pleased, despite your best efforts, and when they go to Google, Facebook, Yelp, or another review platform to complain, the way you handle their complaint will be visible to future prospective customers who are thinking about doing business with you. Not replying will make it appear as if you don’t care when someone has a negative experience, while combating the unhappy person’s comments can turn a situation from bad to worse.

In review management it is important to promptly reply to reviews and questions in a positive and constructive way. Even in the face of negative reviews, replying apologetically and offering to try to resolve the problem offline can hopefully help turn around an unhappy customer’s experience, but will definitely improve the perception of potential future customers.

The more reviews you have online, and of course the higher their average score, the more people are going to trust that they will have a good experience doing business with you. To this end, the other side of reputation management is to try to get more reviews. This is done through a set of efforts, including interactions at the time of sale, prompting a review, as well as email and text follow up after the sale.

Our experienced reputation management team will take the burden off your shoulders by managing every mention and review while guiding your time of sale activities and digitally soliciting your existing customers for new reviews.


Accurate and complete monitoring for new reviews is crucial to success in reputation management. You need to know that a review has been left in a timely manner and issue a response whether the review was positive or negative. We use platform APIs and proprietary monitoring methods to make sure no review is missed, even outside of normally recognized review platforms.

Crafting Perception

The way you reply to reviews online will not only affect the way your existing customers think about your business, but will have a long-lasting impact on how prospective customers perceive you. Demonstrating that you are attentive and that you care about customer experience builds trust in people who are considering doing business with you. All public-facing interactions with customers should always be performed with the understanding that you’re not only addressing that individual, but potentially every person that looks at your online reviews in the future.


When we encounter a negative review on one of your reputation platforms, we de-escalate and seek to move the conversation offline. Engaging a customer about their specific complaint online can lead to a negative back and forth which can make the situation worse. In particularly negative situations, the wrong response can even lead to a more public, multi-platform reputation crisis.

Caring Response

Even if the customer is in the wrong, we reply apologetically and provide them with contact information for someone at your business. Ideally their experience can be turned around so they improve their review, but even if they don’t, people reading your reviews can see that you tried.

Improving Ratings

Good average review scores, of course, start with a positive customer experience, but more can be done to improve your average. Reaching out to customers and to prompt reviews, along with channeling those reviews to suffering review platforms, can help improve average ratings. Consumers are predisposed to be more likely to leave a review when they’ve had a negative experience. This means when soliciting customers for reviews, most of the negative opinions will have already been posted, and the majority of your return will be happy customers who haven’t already left a review.

Identifying Problem Areas

Some review platforms are magnets for negative reviews. This can be true universally but might also be a circumstantial occurrence for your business. We identify the platforms where you’re suffering the most and work to specifically improve those ratings through solicitation efforts.

Soliciting Reviews

When soliciting reviews, we choose which of your review platforms we want to present as options for leaving reviews. This way if one or two platforms are suffering, we can reinforce them with new positive reviews. Alternatively, you may have specific reviews that you know get the most attention. We consider all the factors, and help to channel more positive reviews where you need them.

Wikimotive Reputation Management

Reputation management is about keeping your existing customers happy and especially managing brand perception for prospective customers. We promptly respond to all your reviews, using positive messaging and de-escalating negative reviews to improve review perception and avoid exacerbating the issue. Next, we analyze where your review scores could use help and take your priorities into account to solicit your customers for new reviews. The result is a completely hands-free management of your reputation and brand perception and the improvement of your star ratings across your review platforms. In addition to being affordable, Wikimotive’s reputation management service is superior because of our custom human approach. No two replies are the same! We don’t use AI gimmicks or canned responses. We read every review that you receive and craft a custom reply in a professional tone that makes you look good to your customers, present and future.

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