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Most businesses competing in online marketing today recognize the need for a search engine optimization strategy. The level of competition in the automotive retail sector, however, is possibly one of the most competitive spaces in which businesses compete for search placement. While car dealerships are local businesses, in order to gain a competitive advantage in search, often broad match national terms are of equal and even greater importance to the local search focused efforts of some automotive SEO companies.

Marketing Has Evolved – Will You?

At Wikimotive, we gear SEO for car dealers with a balance for both local and broad match search terms. We employ only ethical practices in our approach while pushing the boundaries to help our clients gain a dominant competitive edge.

Automotive SEO is now an essential part of any complete marketing strategy for the modern day car dealer. The most significant advantage is the much lower cost per acquisition to bring a consumer to the dealer’s storefront as compared with more traditional marketing media.

Automotive SEO Builds Visibility

Some dealership personnel may be new to the term automotive SEO and what it is all about. Simply put, automotive search engine optimization (SEO) is the method by which SEO companies create quality content and links to websites resulting in visible placement in search engine results pages. In other words, getting listed prominently on page 1.

While this simplified explanation may sound easy, the complexity involved in achieving this can be mind bending. Many other factors are involved in getting just the right placement for search terms. Google, the most popular search engine, changes the formula to its search algorithm, on average, 1.6 times every day.

We’re Always Looking to Improve Results

Wikimotive’s dedicated staff are constantly testing and measuring to ensure that our strategy is both compliant with search engine guidelines as well as ensuring the best possible results for our clients. In short, Wikimotive’s automotive SEO service is second to none.

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