Automotive Social Media Marketing

Have you been searching for a social media marketing company? One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to find an automotive social media company to manage a car dealer's social media is that most social media companies don't understand the world of automotive retail.

Automotive Social Media Marketing – A Harsh Reality

First things first: In order to be successful with automotive social media marketing you must understand a very important principle and its probably something you’ve already thought – NO ONE WANTS TO BE A CAR DEALERS FRIEND ON SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES! Probably seems strange that a social media marketing firm for car dealers would make such an assertion, but its the truth.

Now that doesn’t mean social media marketing can’t be successful for car dealers, but the approach and style is much different than the typical social media marketing campaign. The main reason for this is that the merchandising cycle for car dealers is very different than other retail verticals.

Let’s face it, its a lot easier to promote something people buy every day like a latte at Starbucks. But car dealer’s customers see them every 3 months (for service) and every 3 years (on average for sales). And whats worse, consumer loyalty is at an all time low. So how can an automotive social media campaign be a solution to this reality?

A Refreshing Approach to Social Media Marketing for Car Dealers

After spending 20 years in automotive retail, Wikimotive’s founder, Timothy Martell, applied a simple truth to Wikimotive’s online marketing initiatives – the car business is a numbers game. The more people know you, the more people visit you, the more people take a demo drive, the more people get a TO, the more people buy – it’s that simple.

For this reason, successful social media marketing is a perfect compliment to the car business because success in social media marketing is by definition a numbers game! Unfortunately a lot of self proclaimed social media experts actually assert that its not about how many likes or followers you have. This is absurd nonsense and if someone representing a social media firm says this to you, throw them out.

Remember, generally when someone tells you to ignore something or dismisses your belief of its importance it is because they are either ignorant or incompetent as it regards a solution to the problem. And that’s just it! Most social media marketing companies don’t know how to build an audience!


Building a Local, Targeted Audience is What We Do Best

Automotive social media marketing is about reaching the 98% of non-intenders and building more than just a brand awareness; it’s about building a relationship; changing the perception in the prospective consumer’s mind that you are brand and bringing a human element. We do this by relating interesting, fun and sometimes even controversial content.

Things that people like to discover when surfing social media websites. By creating discussion about these topics of interest and by providing fun and interesting information, your fan base will want to return again and again to share their opinions and interact with other fans and followers.


Exposure Leads to Increased Buyer Interest and More Sales

The result is a consistent exposure to your brand, and an association that dealings with your brand are both fun and interesting. In short, our automotive social media marketing strategy combines creating a massive audience numbering in the hundreds of thousands and providing that audience with content that is fun to share and interact with, thus creating a positive relationship in their mind that is then associated with your brand. We strive to create customers for life.

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