What you get:

-Engaging and informative articles
-USA-written articles
-SEO enhancement in every article
-Customer retention
-Connecting of social media with website and product

What’s Involved?

When a new client signs up for an SEO package or an a la carte blogging service, we start by setting up an optimized WordPress blog. Our blogs incorporate custom graphic design work that represents the brand image and product of the client. We then install a lead form, a call to action to click back to the client’s website, and a navigation bar to take visitors to various sections of the client’s website.

Depending on which SEO package you select, we post 2, 4, or 6 blog articles per week on your blog, with the option for more if desired. In addition to the critical SEO value of each blog article—detailed on the SEO page—every blog article is professionally written by our in-house writing staff to be engaging and interesting to a recurring audience. In order to keep readers coming back week after week, we use a combination of industry-focused and human-interest stories. We also encourage an open line of communication with our clients so that we can write articles about company news and events.

A business blog acts as a bridge between social media and your online storefront—your website. In many cases, search engines look at social media shares as being equally valuable to a link from a website. When Google sees that a web page has been shared on Facebook, it counts as a “vote” for the entire web domain that the page exists on. For this reason, we create blogs on a sub-domain of our clients’ websites and share the blog articles through social media to increase blog readership and social shares.

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