Now more than ever, search engines are the gateway between businesses and customers. Turning away from the web is the same as handing business directly to your competitors. Because people no longer turn to the Yellow Pages or drive around hoping to find a business that services their needs–they turn to Google.

And if someone can’t find your business through a search engine, it won’t exist to them. Wikimotive was created to change that. Below you’ll find more about our SEO strategy, which has become a blueprint of success for businesses across the country.



Problems Affecting Website Performance

Website Performance

Identifying the root cause of your site’s search engine problems requires a thorough audit of each and every page on your site. There are a multitude of issues that could be affecting your overall rankings, but it may come down to one of these key problems:

  • Not Enough Quality Content — You may have only initially thought of a few pages to create for your business’s website, including an About, Contact, Services page, and maybe a few others. And if your goal is to simply have a web presence just in case someone comes looking, that might be good enough. But if you’re looking to generate more leads online, your site needs to host content that’s relevant to your business. This will tell Google and other search engines that your site is an authority in that space and increase your rankings for keywords related to your business.
  • Graphics-Driven Content — Flash-based sites were a big part of the web around the turn of the millennium, but once Google became the de-facto way of finding information online, sites managed completely in flash became obsolete due to the fact that Google cannot read Flash content. So if your site’s most important written text is embedded in a series of images and Flash modules, you’re hurting your site’s ability to be discovered.
  • Design and Functionality Issues — A great design does not make a site, but today’s savvy web users don’t want to share content from an unprofessional, mobile-unfriendly site. On top of that, if your site is not quick and responsive, it could affect your overall search rankings, allowing your competitors to swoop in and take business that would have otherwise been yours.

Ways to Optimize Important Pages

Before we even create additional content for your website, we look at your current crop in order to analyze how your visitors are interacting with pages and ensure they are not hindering your search performance.

If necessary, our content team will rewrite pages, as well as update the data search engines use in their results, in order to increase conversions and boost rankings.

Keywords Relevant to Your Business

One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is keyword research. Wikimotive will identify all keywords related to your business and plug them into our analytics software in order to come up with a list of keywords that would generate the best results for your current situation.

But unlike many SEO companies, Wikimotive does not simply target a few major keywords and call it a day, we’re after tangible results that we’re confident we can achieve. These include:

  • Longtail Keywords — Google and other search engines are more intelligent than ever, able to display unique results for questions or detailed keywords, such as “how to pick the best used car” or “best used car dealer in New Hampshire.” These keywords aren’t always the most heavily-trafficked, but they’re what we call “high-intent keywords,” meaning those who perform the search are more likely to convert than those from less-detailed, generic keywords.
  • Locally-Focused Keywords — Our SEO strategy isn’t about driving large amounts of traffic to your business’s website–it’s about driving sales. That’s why a large part of our focus is on keywords that include your location, as those are the people who will be getting in their cars and making purchases after discovering your business.


Solutions to Fix Performance Issues


After finding the root of your site’s performance issues, our development team might suggest a switch to a better performing website provider/content management system or code new, custom pages to work out the kinks and kill the bugs that could be affecting your site’s ability to rank.

Strategies Using Industry Best Practices

Working with our content team to provide quality rewrites, our developers will ensure your site meets today’s complex web standards, as well as following best practices set by Google in their Webmaster Academy and Webmaster Guidelines.

  • Deleting/Rewriting Automated Content — Many website providers populate new sites with placeholder content that’s expected to be rewritten by the site owner. Many times, however, they fail to inform the owner of this fact and a site is penalized unknowingly. We use software that detects this type of content and then determine whether or not the page can be deleted or if it should be rewritten due to existing links and visitors.
  • Canonical Tags on Inventory — In most cases, if your site features inventory, your site is repurposing some content on multiple pages. Now, the user may understand this fact after viewing a variety of pages, but Google sees this as duplicate content and could penalize your entire site because of it. Wikimotive’s development team will ensure your pages are being optimized to avoid such penalties.

Original High-Quality Content That Targets Relevant Keywords

In order for Google to associate your business with a set of services or a particular product, it needs to be told what your site provides. That’s why our U.S.-based content team will research your industry and write high-quality pages optimized for the various sets of keywords we’ve identified for your business.

These pages are then boosted by links from original blog posts written around the same topics, which informs Google that your site is a resource and should therefore receive a better ranking for keywords related to those topics.

  • Informative Blog Posts — Our writers do extensive research to get to know your industry, services, and products in order to create information-heavy blog posts that search engines love. These posts link to other pages on your site so that search engines recognize that your site is an authority.
  • News Posts — Content about topics that become heavily searched in a short timespan are given a boost in rankings because Google wants people to discover fresh news instead of old information. By creating news posts about popular topics within your industry, we’re telling Google that your site is a source of news on top of being informative.
  • Shareable Posts — Social Media is a big part of Wikimotive’s overall SEO strategy. But even if your business is not utilizing our social media services, our writers produce content that is tailored for social media success. These posts are fun, informative, and engage readers to share and discuss, bringing your business more followers and linkbacks.


Performance of Newly-Optimized Site

Creating Solutions


Numbers tell us everything we need to know about your site’s performance. As we see some numbers go up, others may go down with the newly-optimized site. Our monitoring techniques allow us to know what is going on with your site as it’s happening in order to make quick fixes and keep your site running smoothly.

Rankings for Targeted Keywords

Wikimotive’s cutting-edge strategy is all about increasing search rankings for our target keywords. Throughout each month, we’re taking a look at your site’s progress and are looking into ways we can do even better.

And that means if you’re currently at the #1 spot, we’re not just moving on to the next keyword, we’re working to make sure you stay there.

General Search Engine Presence

One of the most important factors Wikimotive takes into account is your site’s overall search engine presence. We look at the data from Google visitors to discover the diamonds in the rough that could be taken advantage of moving forward.

If we notice your rankings grow for a keyword we’re not even targeting–something that can happen organically or by association–we want to work harder and harder to see you reach the #1 spot.


Higher Rankings for Relevant Keywords

Website Performance

Thanks to Wikimotive’s intense research and high-quality content, your rankings for the most appropriate and valuable keywords will rise each and every month. You’ll not only see more visitors to your site, but more interactions as well.

The high-intent visitors we target will spend more time on your site, which will tell search engines that your page contains great content. The visitors also have high engagement, meaning they’re much more likely to submit a lead.

More and More Leads From Organic Visitors

There’s a reason search traffic is coveted by business across the world: Leads, leads, and more leads.

You can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on commercials and newspaper ads in the hopes SOMEONE interested in your business contacts or visits, but users searching for your product are already interested. That business is essentially guaranteed!

Steadily-Growing Business

As we target and achieve higher rankings for a variety of high-intent keywords, your business will see a steady growth in overall sales. We don’t promise you some insane, unachievable percentage increase like many SEO companies do in order to get you to sign on the dotted line.

Instead, our goal is to present you with achievable, consistent growth that can scale with your business.

Wikimotive’s focus is on improving your business’s search engine authority so it can be found by customers. So we’re not selling you on a traffic increase; we’re selling you on a sales increase.


Our goal is to make sure that the people who visit your website are the type of people who are ready to do business. That’s what separates Wikimotive from other internet marketing companies.


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