What you get:

-Significant increases in relevant website traffic
-Pages that inform the visitor and make action/conversion easy
-Top of Google Page 1 rankings for relevant keywords
-Blogs that attract a recurring readership and aid landing page rankings
-All USA-written content

What does your SEO do?

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service is a tried, tested, and highly successful system by which we increase your website traffic through Google rankings. We identify the keywords that are most relevant to your business and highly searched, and then systematically target those keywords in order to elevate your website(s) to the top of Google Page 1.

Why do I need to show up at the top of a Google search?

Because sales come from leads, leads come from site visitors, and site visitors come largely from Google searches…. if you show up there.

CTR is the magic acronym when it comes to ranking on Google. CTR stands for Click Through Rate, and it is the percentage of Google searches performed on a given keyword that result in a visit to the page in a given position. Of the keywords that we optimize for on our clients’ behalf, the average number of searches performed per keyword each month is about 2000-8000 (depending on industry and location).

Let’s say a keyword gets 4,500 searches per month. CTR calculates how many of those searches will result in a visitor to your website. Below are the average percentages for each position of Google Page 1 (1 being the top ‘organic’ result and 10 being the last ‘organic’ result on the page).

1 – 18.2%
2 – 10.1%
3 – 7.2%
4 – 4.8%
5 – 3.1%
6 – 2.8%
7 – 1.9%
8 – 1.8%
9 – 1.5%
10 – 1%

In this example, this means that Position 1 would yield 819 site visits, position 2 would yield 455, and position 3 nets 324. At the bottom, position 10 receives just 45 visits. Clearly those top rankings are pretty important.

How does it work?

When you sign up for one of our SEO packages we start by compiling a list of hundreds of keywords (search phrases of 2-6 words) that would be highly relevant to your business, products, and/or location. We then establish the number of searches that are made for each keyword on a monthly basis (this information can be found publicly through Google AdWords’ ‘Keywords’ tool), and eliminate any term that receives little or no search volume. The remainder makes up our list of targeted keywords.

Each month, we build a set of SEO landing pages on your website. These landing pages are what we influence to rank on Google. They are also the pages where a searcher will land on your website—hence the term ‘landing page.’ Each landing page is optimized inherently for search, written to be informative to visitors, and formatted to maximize lead conversion and/or action. In the eyes of a consumer, a landing page is simply a content page of 200-500 words that tells them more about the product or service that they were searching for.

Each of our SEO packages also includes ongoing blogging on a custom WordPress blog that we build for you. From an SEO perspective, these blog articles are optimized to be search-relevant themselves. More importantly, the blog articles we write are set up to link to the landing pages that we create. This combination is the driving force behind our SEO. A well-written, optimized landing page will appear on Google on its own, but if its keyword is desirable and contested, it would never achieve Page 1. Likewise, a well-written, optimized blog article is even less likely to achieve a significant ranking for the same keyword. It is only together than these two pieces of content are able to elevate the landing page’s Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position to the top of Page 1; it is only through ongoing blogging that this can be accomplished quickly.

Please read our service page about Blogging for more information regarding the social, branding, and customer retention benefits behind the blog articles we write.

Take a look at our different SEO packages for details on what they include.

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