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Business Social Media It’s becoming common practice for companies to add a full-time staff members whose sole responsibility is social media for business. The future of  online advertising  is in social media marketing, and that’s where people spend the bulk of their time online, so it makes sense. When advertising, the same fact has always been true: you go where the people are, and these days, they’re on social media websites.


How does your business develop a sound social media strategy? There are two main ways:


Your first option is to hire someone to work on your social media services full time. There are a limited number of young social media experts out there, so grab one if you can find one. Don’t be fooled by someone who claims to be a social media marketing consultant just because they can operate Twitter and Facebook, those people are a dime a dozen. A true expert will be part designer, part writer, and part SEO expert. You need someone who can create and syndicate unique, engaging content across all your social networks!


Your other option is the one that most companies go with, bringing in an outside social media consulting company, or a social media marketing firm. You have to be careful with this option as well; due to social media’s nebulous nature, it’s easy to get ripped off in the results department. That’s why we here at Wikimotive strive to maintain maximum transparency. We generate strong, profitable social media presences for our clients and share every bit of information every step of the way. Instead of some long, locked-in contract, Wikimotive is month to month, so there’s never an obligation to stay if your not satisfied.  Our motto is no contracts, no commitments, just results!

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