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As of the end of the first Quarter of 2012, Facebook reported 901 million active users, with 526 million of them logging in at least once per day. They also reported that there are, on average, only 4.74 degrees of separation between any two users on Facebook.


Facebook marketing is a powerful way to increase brand exposure. When people see a company’s content, they are seeing their brand, and brand exposure leads to brand adoption. They might not need the product right now, but when the time comes that a product is relevant to them, the familiar option will be their first choice. The added bonus is that when they’re talking about a company’s content, they’re sharing it with potentially everyone they’re connected to. Even though they might not want a product, someone they know is made aware of the content via that sharing and thus the brand is gaining exponential exposure.


Wikimotive offers Facebook Timeline setup, including custom graphic design, optimization, and info field population. We also offer complete Facebook management, through which we handle all of our clients’ social posting, using best practices designed to maximize viral lift of their content. We partner with our clients’ companies to determine the focus of the content we post on their behalf, and will even syndicate (share) their videos and blogs for them through Facebook.


Social media is a game of numbers, and with everyone on Facebook so closely connected, nothing is more important than a fan base to spread a company’s content. Wikimotive offers Facebook Fan Acquisition, where we use our network partners to advertise our clients’ pages. Through Fan Acquisition, we help you steadily increase your fan base and therefore your brand recognition and exposure.


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