Zach Billings

COO and Co-Founder

COO, Zach Billings, was the first employee of Wikimotive after it was founded in 2010. He is a young and innovative leader within the company, working with department leadership to craft process and culture. Zach conducts much of our training consultation and takes an active role client account management, including strategy calls and monthly reporting meetings.

Zach is passionate about the outdoors, as well as automotive technology, with hobbies including camping, kayaking, hiking, and off-roading. As a young adult, Zach was in business for himself as an event and motorsports photographer. Later, he worked for a Nissan dealer for three years, where he became Digital Marketing Manager.

Commitment is a defining characteristic of the leadership personnel of all prospering companies. Zach goes above and beyond by having near perpetual availability. From responding to any email within an hour to taking calls in the middle of the night on a Sunday, Zach is there for the clients that Wikimotive serves.

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