Automotive Facebook Marketing

Automotive Facebook marketing offers a tremendous competitive edge for car dealers in competitive markets. A recent study by SearchMetrics found that Facebook shares had a higher degree of impact on search rankings than even back links! The implications of this study are wide reaching. This is conclusive evidence that social media marketing and more specifically, Facebook marketing for car dealers is no longer a fringe marketing ploy. It is a critical component of a successful digital marketing strategy.
Facebook is the Best New Marketing Tool
More than just the vital search implications though, an automotive Facebook marketing strategy can play a huge roll in future sales and sales retention for car dealers. Much emphasis has been placed on car dealers but their manufacturer’s on the concept of “customers for life” or brand loyalty.

No other medium ever conceived has been better suited to accomplishing such an initiative than utilizing Facebook as a marketing tool for the purpose of consumer loyalty. The ability to reach Facebook users on a near daily basis through the sharing of fun and interesting content distinguishes this medium above all other social media platforms.

Learn More About Automotive Facebook Marketing with Wikimotive

Because of the relatively slow rate of dealer education on digital marketing techniques, dealers that do take advantages of the opportunities offered by marketing on Facebook will have a unique competitive edge and will generally enjoy that advantage for a great length of time.

Additionally, dealers who commit to proper automotive Facebook marketing techniques will gain such a lead over their competitors that even once the advantage is realized, they may never be able to catch the lead generated by a cutting edge dealer committed to dealer education and digital marketing knowledge.

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