Automotive Marketing Services

A Web Presence as Dominating as Your Endeavors

As successful as your automotive dealership is, it’s time to call in the experts to manage your digital marketing needs and expand even further than you already have. Your automotive business may be big, but your goals and future ambitions are even bigger. Here at Wikimotive, we understand that – and we are uniquely qualified to take your automotive business to the next level. Strategic digital marketing strategies designed to drive the right kind of results directly into the palm of your hands – that’s what you can expect from Wikimotive and our automotive marketing services.

Search Engine Optimization

Driving Coveted Success Through High Ranking Results

The automotive industry is massive. You are fighting for a spot on both a local and national level against competitors you may not ever even meet face to face. Google search engine queries alone account for 3.5 billion searches conducted worldwide per day. The rate at which people are seeking information online is astronomical. What is your automotive business doing to keep up and stay relevant on top search engine sites? If your answer is nothing, or you aren’t sure, it’s time to wave the white flag and call for backup. Wikimotive has expert SEO strategists on hand to get your business ranking where it counts – on the first page.

SEO Practices Rooted in Results

Competing with local automotive dealerships and service centers for that coveted top spot in search engine results is intense. Wikimotive’s strategic automotive SEO service will ensure you rank highest for the search terms most relevant to your specific automotive niche. Climb straight to the top of Google and other top search engine result pages with a strategic and well implemented plan designed specifically for you, by Wikimotive.

Social Media Marketing

Increase, Engage, and Convert Followers into Profitable Leads

Your automotive business should put social media at the forefront of your digital marketing plan. If you aren’t currently executing a plan that involves a strong and consistent social media presence, your automotive business is on course for a downward trajectory. Whether or not you are aware, this lack of social media interaction is hurting your current business, your future potential, and the longevity of your company as a whole. Today, more than ever, people crave online engagement with businesses at every level. From the potential customer stage, to becoming a strong lead, to actually spending money at your dealership or service center – people want to know that you care about what they have to say.

Social Media Expertise Custom-Tailored to the Automotive Marketplace

Not sure where to start or what to do? Wikimotive is equipped to handle all of your social media needs. The automotive industry is complex and requires a nuanced and customized digital marketing approach in order to successfully execute social media strategies. Wikimotive is uniquely qualified to serve the automotive industry at every level of digital marketing – including the ever-important area of social media.

Reputation Management

Managing and Enhancing Your Brand’s Reputation Online

The internet is a powerful resource, tool, and vehicle to engage potential clients. As critical as the internet is to the success of your automotive business, it also has the potential to do great harm. With today’s consumers placing more trust and weight in an online review than the personal recommendation of a close friend or family member – it’s time to get serious about your automotive brand’s online reputation.

  • Did You Know… In a 2016 survey, 90% of consumers reported that they read less than ten online reviews about a company before either choosing to become a customer, or dismiss the business entirely. With so much of your future business riding on what past customers have had to say about you, why not allow the leader in online reputation management the chance to set the record straight, once and for all?

Define Your Business’ Reputation Before it Defines You

Like it or not, what is said about your automotive business online has an enormous impact on the future success or failure of your company. The first step to solidify a strong and positive online reputation is to elicit reputation management services from Wikimotive. Utilizing a proven strategy for managing and enhancing your business’s online reputation, the team at Wikimotive will become as obsessed with your brand’s image and success as you are. If you are struggling with a poor or negative online presence, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and allow us to do what we do best, leaving you to focus on growing and enhancing other key areas of your automotive endeavor.

Video Production

Providing Unique Video Content that Encourages Your Audience to Share

Wikimotive will create unique and engaging video content that highlights your automotive business in ways that the competition can only dream. Your online engagers won’t be satisfied by simply watching your video, but will feel compelled to share it with their friends, followers, and other industry influencers. Imagine waking up in the morning to a video production post that was liked, commented on, shared, and went viral overnight. Wikimotive’s video production team has done exactly that for a number of automotive clients that were ready and willing to be at the forefront of their industry in every possible capacity.

  • Did You Know…Video production is a highly effective marketing tactic that is here to stay. Recent statistics point out that 92% of individuals engaged in mobile video viewing go on to share it with others. Recent stats also report landing pages that incorporate video content have the ability to increase conversion rates by as much as 80%. If your automotive business isn’t taking full advantage of this incredible digital marketing opportunity – this is your wake up call.

Are You Ready?

If you are ready to take your automotive business to the next level, call on the expert video production team at Wikimotive. Designed to enhance your digital marketing campaign in a unique way that not only catches the attention of your followers, Wikimotive encourages them to engage with you and share your automotive business with the world.

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