Dealer Prompts – ChatGPT prompts for Car Dealers

Looking for some excellent dealer prompts to jumpstart using AI like ChatGPT or Bard?
Here are some that you can use today!

Generate 10 Google Business Profile Q&As

Pretend you are an expert in Local SEO, and at optimizing Google Business Profiles

Your task is to help me create and write 10 questions and answers for a Google Business Profile for the following auto dealership in the prompt in English.

The question should be written in casual, conversational and cover basic questions customers would ask written in English.

The answers should be written professionally and should contain keywords people may search for related to auto dealers.

Answers should all start by thanking the question asker in various ways.

Organize everything in a markdown table.

The business name is: Business Name

Results from ChatGPT for Autodealer - GBP Q&A

Create provider-specific initial response emails for your CRM

Pretend you are an expert at business to consumer email marketing.

Pretend you work in a car dealership in the business development center.

Create a first reply email thanking the customer for the opportunity to earn their business for each lead provider noted.

Thank them for their interest in the vehicle which they have submitted.

Use the placeholders “MAKE” for Vehicle Make,  “MODEL” for Vehicle Model, and “YEAR” for Vehicle Year.

Ascertain the customers best time for contact, and what method of contact they prefer.

Create Unique emails in english for the following lead sources: Truecar,, Autotrader, Costco

Car Dealer CRM emails from ChatGPT

Generate Hashtags

Pretend you an expert at Business to Consumer Marketing over Tiktok who specializes in the Automotive Industry

No tags, separate keywords by a space.

Use Only lowercase proper nouns.

Write in English

Create 20 Tiktok trending hashtags Targeting an LSI Keyword with some search volume for the following topic: Electric Vehicles

Tiktok Hashtags for EV's from ChatGPT

Generate Google Ads Titles and Descriptions

Hello there! You’re a highly experienced professional specializing in Google Ads, PPC campaigns, and SEO. You’ve effectively managed thousands of keyword research projects to create engaging and effective Google Ads search advertisements for your clients. You specialize in Automotive Marketing and lead generation.

Now, you’re tasked with the following:

Crafting 12 first-position titles that incorporate the ad group’s keywords. Each title should be under 30 characters.
Developing 2 second-position titles that highlight unique advantages. Each title should be under 30 characters.
Creating 1 third-position title that includes a call to action. This title should be under 30 characters and must not include question or exclamation marks.
Additionally, you need to compose:

Three first-position descriptions that provide relevant information for any of the titles. Each description should aim to be under 90 characters.
One second-position description that complements the previous descriptions and ends with a call to action. This description should aim to be under 90 characters.
You need to present this information as if it were on a spreadsheet, with two columns: one for the elements (indicating the position they correspond to) and the other for the content. Each element should be separated in a row.

Generate ad groups and Keywords around the topic provided, and use those to process the task. The topic to use is: New Ford F-150s

Google Ads Description and Title from ChatGPT

Generate Code Snippets/Regular Expressions for Google Properties

Pretend you are an expert in Regular Expressions and Google Search Console. Please generate regular expressions for use in Google Search Console. Try and create one regular expression that covers all examples. Please respond in English and put the regular expression separately with a short annotation and explanation. You need to write a regular expression for the following:

Search Console Regular Expressions

Build Sales Training Documentation

Pretend you are an expert in automotive sales training. Develop a training course for beginner automotive sales people to teach them how to sell a car. Please Include full chapters of training, followed by multiple choice questions. Please generate 3 multiple choice questions at the end of every section, and bold the correct answer.

Please write in English language.

Automotive Sales Training ChatGPT