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Wikimotive Presents Search Wars Digital Marketing Strategy Conference July 11th - 13th


No other SEO vendor in automotive is meeting Google guidelines for quality content. Even the vendors with tangible deliverables are coming up short. There’s no secret sauce in SEO, only hard work. We do the work necessary for you to sell more cars.

Stop Wasting

Your Marketing


Paid Search forces you to keep spending for the same results.
SEO results increase every month without increasing spend.

Paid Search cannibalizes clicks you would already get organically.
SEO converts search to your site 22x more than Paid Search.

Paid Search costs keep rising through bidding wars.
SEO results compound on themselves as you gain market share.

Car Sales vs Organic Search Traffic Graph

Here is a testimonial from Keith McCluskey of McCluskey Chevrolet

Wikimotive has been a key part of our growth. Their SEO and social lead generation expertise is second to none. We trust them with this side of our business so we can stay focused on sales.
Put Simply, if you want more organic leads, Wikimotive delivers!


Percent Increase In Organic Traffic


Percent Increase In cars Sold


Vehicles Sold In one Month

Our SEO Sells More Cars

It's About Your Bottom Line, Not Just Increasing Traffic

Technical SEO

A truly effective SEO strategy consists of a customized, multi-tiered strategy built around the unique needs of your dealership, including UX, attribution modeling and technical site improvements - all while staying up-to-date on Google’s ever-evolving demands to deliver maximum results.

Content Management

In the eyes of Google, content is king. Our diverse team of talented writers, diligent editors and skilled publishers ensure a steady flow of original, industry-leading content built around your dealership’s needs.

Social Media Marketing

From everyday posting to advanced Facebook advertising, our social media specialists are focused on expanding your dealership’s reach, increasing your audience engagement, and driving traffic that sells cars today.

Reputation Management

People are talking about your dealership and word travels fast. Our Reputation Management team is ready to respond, helping to shape public perception about your dealership.

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