With a projected growth of $36 billion dollars in 2017, the franchise industry has never been more competitive than it is today. But what challenges must you (and your franchisees) side-step in order to be successful? A common misconception comes in relying on strength of brand identity as a foundation for success. Recognizing that franchise success operates at a number of levels, Wikimotive offers an extensive list of Digital Marketing Services designed to reinforce your brand on multiple platforms while driving business to local franchisees.

You Benefit From:

  • Consolidation of multiple marketing initiatives under one expert team, dedicated to maintaining a streamlined online presence.
  • Consistency of message at the franchisee level through the creation of innovative on-brand content that meets your standards of excellence.
  • Comprehensive data analysis that empowers both proactive and reactive decision-making to ensure that the application of your marketing dollars can evolve, as needed.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiatives guaranteed to increase your brand visibility, both locally, and as a whole.
  • Management of your Social Media, at a corporate and/or franchisee level.
  • Review & Reputation Management based on best practices, to create stronger customer relationships and boost your best online presence.

Your Franchisees Benefit From

  • Support in the creation of an engaging, responsive website designed to increase traffic and customer conversion.
  • Data and Analytics crucial to determining the success of online campaigns, strategizing, and lead-generation.
  • With Wikimotive franchise services standing behind you, you are able to stand out among your competition.

Digital Marketing

Over the last decade, internet engagement with Digital Media has more than doubled. With American adults spending more than 25% of their day on desktop and mobile devices, there is little debate about the necessity of digital marketing services to today’s franchise businesses. At Wikimotive, we offer an array of services designed to deliver more customers to you and your franchisees.

Responsive Web Design

While we pride ourselves on creating beautiful websites, our services extend far beyond the aesthetics of a beautifully-designed site.

With mobile devices surging well ahead of desktop use, there is a clear message: for continued success, your website must be designed to deliver a satisfactory mobile experience. Through responsive design, Wikimotive can deliver exactly that, ensuring that both existing and prospective customers are instantly engaged, regardless of the device they favor.

Search Engine Optimization

But what good is a beautiful, responsive website if no one can find it? Through Wikimotive SEO, we strategically increase the visibility of your franchise and franchisee websites, to list higher in the results of any online search.

Social Media Marketing

95% of the fastest growing consumer segment (18-34 year olds) follow the social media profiles of their preferred brands. With traditional marketing having been ruled dead, is your social media designed to step in and drive revenue? Wikimotive can help by creating compelling content, and directing it to the newsfeed of those that want to do business with you.

Reputation Management

With 1.65 billion social media users worldwide, and 1 million social media accounts added each day, today’s franchise needs to be aware of what is being said about them. Today’s word-of-mouth echoes online and resonates with a reach that is farther and faster than you might think. Wikimotive can help you gain visibility of this activity, and help you to create positive experiences and longer-lasting relationships with your customers.

Our results speak for themselves, courtesy of reporting services that will quantify the return on your investment. Let Wikimotive redefine the way you market your business online.

Reaching Your Brand’s Online Potential

92% of consumers will read online reviews when making a decision on a product or business, and 40% of consumers will form their opinion after reading only two or three reviews. Therefore, it’s essential that any testimonials regarding your brand are glowing and accurate.

Online reputation can have a negative impact on your business, especially when it comes to the reduction of customers or clients.

68% of consumers say a positive review will lead to them trusting a local business. This is your attempt to make an impression, and Wikimotive will make sure that any relevant testimonials are truthful and positive!

Important Reminder

The “star rating” is the top factor that consumers will use when evaluating similar businesses. Wikimotive will boost your reputation standing, meaning you’ll have that extra advantage over your local rivals.

Team Up with Wikimotive to Boost Your Reputation

Wikimotive’s expert team of digital marketing specialists will work directly with you to assure that your online reputation is top-notch. In no time, you’ll be flooded with positive reviews, and this will be instrumental in growing your business.

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Video Production

The franchise industry is built upon the strength of brand identity. Conveying the quality of your products, services, and team is important, but it is even more important to do so in a consistent manner at every level of your operation.

Why are over 2/3 of executives and marketers allocating resources to video production in 2017? Yes, the inclusion of a video on a landing page can increase customer conversion by 80%.
Yes, video has been proven to improve revenue growth by 49% year-on-year.
But consider the effectiveness and consistency of using the single most powerful marketing medium available, to reinforce a singular vision of your franchise brand.

With 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 made up of video content, the trend is clear.
In fact, Forrester Research equates the value of 1 minute of video to 1.8 million words.  

At Wikimotive, our Video Production services are designed to help your brand and your franchisees stand out among the competition. Let us help reinforce your unified message with compelling video content that will engage more visitors, and convert them into new customers.

Website Design

Turning Visitors Into Leads, and Then Into Customers

Consumers rely on the internet unlike ever before, so it’s essential that your business is equipped with an intuitive, customer-friendly website. A well-built, responsive website site will result in visitors, and these visitors can ultimately become customers.

Wikimotive is devoted to boosting your franchise’s online standing via expert digital marketing methods. Creating a website is the first piece of the puzzle, and our team of website design experts will create a site that returns your investment.

It’s not only important that your website is effective at demonstrating your products and services. Rather, it also has to reflect your overall brand, and Wikimotive’s design team will create a site that pushes your company’s best attributes. We’ll work with you to push these messages without compromising search engine optimization techniques.

Intuitive Design Leads to Customers

You need a website that can be viewed on desktop and mobile devices. If your business is equipped with a site that lags or glitches, you’ll find that visitors will leave almost immediately. You want to maintain these consumer’s attention. After all, if they’re on your site for a longer amount of time, there’s a greater chance that they opt for your services.

Unique, Responsive Website Design

Wikimotive’s expert team of designers will create an easy-to-use, responsive website design that will impress consumers and create a lasting first-impression. Responsive sites are viewable on any device and further supported by top SEO practices. Therefore, your website won’t only be an impressive welcome message; it will also be an effective way of enticing new consumers.

  • Easy-to-Use, No-Hassle Website
  • Elevate Your Site Above Your Competitors
  • Responsive Website – Viewable on Any Device
  • Increase Traffic – Influence Revenue

We Work For You

When all is said and done, Wikimotive is devoted to solving all of your digital marketing questions. Creating a website is only the start, as our additional services will elevate your standing on search engines and social media. So what are you waiting for? Call the team at Wikimotive today!