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Relax. There is Not Going to Be a Facebook Dislike Button!

Oh boy…the Facebook “Dislike” Button has caused quite a stir across the web. Some hate the idea, while others love it. Yet, it seems as though Mark Zuckerberg misspoke in a Q&A Townhall LIVE stream on Tuesday September 15th. Zuckerberg states that a Facebook “dislike” button is on its way to the Facebook platform, however, […] Read More

What Facebook’s ‘Time Spent on Posts’ Means for Personal Branding

Personal branding is nothing new but it is booming online, especially in the Automotive Industry and in light of Facebook’s new algorithm change “Time Spent on Posts“, it can help you succeed further with your automotive Facebook marketing and personal branding.

Facebook Local Awareness Ads: ‘Call Now’ Button is Coming!

  Facebook Local Awareness Ads will soon be adding a  ‘Call Now’ call-to-action button in addition to its current CTA buttons: Like Page and Get Directions. Its newest anticipated addition will most likely provide more ROI than the existing CTA`s combined. But first, let`s cover what exactly a Facebook Local Awareness Ad is… What is a […] Read More

Why Your Business Profile Picture Matters!

Your business profile picture says more about your brand than you may think. It is your the “face” of your company for the online world, and could have an effect on your Facebook marketing, as well as other social media efforts. Your business profile picture will outrank your social media account, page and cover photos. […] Read More

Is There an ROI to Blogging?

 Too many dealerships are missing the ROI (Return on Investment) train that can easily come from having a blog for your business. Sharing informative articles can do many wonders to your search engine optimization and even your Facebook marketing and other social media efforts. Content Marketing has become prominent in the land of marketing, so […] Read More

3 Recent Facebook Algorithm Changes

  The Facebook Algorithm deciphers what people see within the news feed. It is dependent on social actions users take or not and will custom the news feed to what you do on Facebook. As a business relying on automotive Facebook marketing, you need people to see your brand within their news feed to continue […] Read More

4 Social Media Shortcuts You Need to Ditch

    Depending on the types of social media shortcuts, you could actually be hurting your brand instead of helping it. Unfortunately, what was once a social media trend can easily be frowned upon today. Are you making these social media faux pas’s that could be detrimental to your brand? It’s time to do some spring […] Read More

YouTube Cards Add Another Level of Viewer Engagement

For years YouTube annotations have offered creators the opportunity for viewers to click on external links added to videos. Now, with the introduction of YouTube Cards, viewers  can experience a whole new level of engagement. As annotations are small and hardly noticeable, many viewers may over look them. YouTube Cards, on the other hand, provide a visual display. […] Read More

Facebook Alters Page Likes Count, Improves Audience Data

Facebook is making even more changes to better the quality of Facebook pages by cleaning up page likes and improving audience data. Facebook has been making a lot of changes as of late by disapproving of overly promotional posts and adding a relevance score to improve Facebook Ads in news feeds. This time around Facebook is improving […] Read More

Which Social Networks Provide ROI for Dealerships?

  It seems that dealerships are still stuck in 2010, spending much of their time creating a social presence that does not provide true value. Having a mere presence on social networks just doesn’t cut it anymore and it shouldn’t. You’re efforts need a return on investment and you need to begin  implementing strategies that […] Read More

Creating Holiday-Specific Inventory Posts on Social Media

The Holiday Season is the perfect time to utilize inventory posts to your social networks, especially Facebook. Tis’ the season to share in the joy and now as the dealer, it is your opportunity to incorporate that festiveness into posts you create for your automotive social media campaigns. Using a VDP page from your dealership […] Read More

4 Great Examples of Social Media Posts for Car Dealers

Trying to grow your Facebook page without a strategy is like jumping into a lake not knowing how to swim. It is that simple. Not having a Facebook strategy automatically sets your page up for failure. Knowing the type of audience you want to attract and the kinds of posts to use to attract them […] Read More

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