Get Your Social On Team talking about the defunct Google Plus!

A Quick Break Down of Google Plus Analytics

Get Your Social On Team talking about the defunct Google Plus!
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Last week we talked about Google Plus Business Pages and how G+ has transformed into “Google My Business” and thus, we only see it fitting to explain its Google Plus analytics for you to evaluate your ROI.

As you are already aware, analytics are a fantastic way to see how your efforts did amongst an audience. And depending on what you find, it too can help you adjust your social media marketing strategies.

First, you need to know what you are looking at when evaluating Google Plus analytics and here is a quick break down for you to be able to review its contents effectively.

Accessing Google Plus Business Page Analytics

Once signing in to the email account associated with your Google Plus Page you will be taken to the “Dashboard”, there, you will want to click on “Insights” located either within the Dashboard or within the top right-hand dropdown.

Once you are within Google Plus Analytics known as “Insights” you will be able to choose to review 3 of the following:

1. Visibility

2. Engagement

3. Audience


Visibility – See the number of gained views of the page and its content. Views are broken down into search, photo, post and profile views.

Visibility Breakdown

This is an example of a Visibility Data Card. You will see a graph when choosing last 30, 90 or 7 day periods.

Visibility Data Card

You can see a numerical break down of how your Google Plus page has done for its all-time duration.

Visibility Data Card All Time

  • Clicks – See the total number of clicks your business information and its content has received in the last 7, 30 or 90 days that led to a visit to your websiteClicks Google Plus AnalyticsDriving Directions – Number of clicks for driving directions from a local search result in Google Maps, Search, and Maps for Mobile.

Driving Directions Google Plus Analytics

  • Phone Calls – See the number of clicks on your business’s phone number from a local search result in Google Maps, Search, and Maps for Mobile, grouped by day of the week and time of day.
  • Phone Calls Google Plus AnalyticsEngagement – See the total number of actions your business information and content has received in the last 7, 30, or 90 days.

Actions on Post Google Plus AnalyticsActions include:

  •  +1 clicks: Number of times people clicked +1 on a Google+ page’s posts.
  •  Shares: Number of times people re-shared posts from a Google+ page.
  •  Comments: Number of times people commented on posts from a Google+ page.


Engagement Breakdown:

  • Recent Posts – For any of your posts, you can take a closer look at how many post views, shares, +1’s and comments occurred on each post. Post view numbers are only available for posts you created.

Recent Posts Google Plus Analytics

  • Average Actions by Post Types – See the average number of actions visitors took, depending on the type of content you posted so that you can track which types of content resonate with your audience.

Average actions by post types

  • Audience – Review your audience and demographic to see what gender, country and age group is interacting with your Google Plus Business page.Audience Google Plus Page AnalyticsFollowers by Country Google Plus Analytics

Demographic Google Plus Business AnalyticsAnd there you have it, a quick break down of Google Plus Analytics. This topic was covered on the previous episode of “Get Your Social On“.

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