An Introduction to Local Awareness Facebook Ads

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Facebook is looking to add a new service to its Facebook Ads list within the coming weeks. Known as Local Awareness Facebook Ads, this new kid on the Facebook Ads block is looking to do what other Facebook Ads currently don’t: promote your business’s address.

Not only are Local Awareness Facebook Ads going to be easy to create, their objective is to reach a local audience at the lowest possible cost. That will make Facebook marketing even more of a no-brainer for businesses all over the world.

Tap into Your Neighborhood

Facebook is a terrific resource to connect with the appropriate audience that can provide value to your business, sometimes even more so than traditional advertising. Utilizing the right type of Facebook Ads that are created correctly for your industry can deliver results.

However, not all Facebook Ads are effective for every industry. If you are a brick and mortar business, then Local Awareness Facebook Ads are not selective to the type of industry you are in, but rather a more open form of advertising since the ad is literally based on your physical address.

Building Brand Awareness on Facebook

Audience - Local Awareness Facebook Ads

Facebook Local Awareness Ads will allow businesses to create ads that build brand awareness directed towards an audience that can translate into foot traffic.

The intention is to bring awareness about your business to your local community, keeping your business “top of mind” for local Facebook users within their Facebook News Feed and to create potentially new customers.

How to Create a Local Awareness Facebook Ad

Note: Local Awareness Facebook Ads will be rolling out to U.S. Facebook users in the coming weeks and globally in the coming months.

If you do not currently have access to Local Awareness Facebook Ads, you can still familiarize yourself with the process so when they roll out to your Facebook Account, you will be ready to use them for your business page.

In a matter of minutes you can create a Local Awareness Facebook Ad. Visit the Facebook Ads Create Tool to begin and within the Facebook Ads list choose “Local Awareness” (this will only appear if you have access).

Facebook Ads Create Tool

Once selected, choose the page you would like to advertise “Local Awareness” on and it will automatically populate your business’s address from your Facebook Page. (Be sure to check that the address you entered is correct when creating the page.)

Then choose the radius in which you would like to target within your local area (example: 1 mile) when you select the radius, a map will be created displaying your targeted local area surrounding your business.

Like other Facebook Ads, you will want to choose the age and gender. We recommend targeting the appropriate age group (seen within your Facebook Insights) and not discriminating gender unless your business products are meant only for one gender or the other.

Create a 90-character description about your business, choose a catchy title and we always recommend filling out the “Advanced Options” within a Facebook Ad, as it provides you more space to share information about your business.

Budget - Local Awareness Facebook Ads

Finally, choose a call-to-action (such as a “Get Directions” button), how long you would like for your ad to run, and create a campaign name. Based on the Facebook Ad budget, an estimated reach will be populated.

Local Awareness Facebook Ads are sure to help boost awareness and reach within your local community so you remain continually relevant amongst your most important audience, people who are located in your own backyard.