3 Recent Facebook Algorithm Changes

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The Facebook Algorithm deciphers what people see within the news feed. It is dependent on social actions users take or not and will custom the news feed to what you do on Facebook.

As a business relying on automotive Facebook marketing, you need people to see your brand within their news feed to continue being top of mind and for your marketing efforts to not go to the waste side.

Although, one cannot predict the outcome of the Facebook Algorithmic changes; knowing is power and if you begin seeing changes to your Facebook Page in particular here are 3 reasons why.

These changes are based on user feedback from Facebook.

1. Users can now see more than one status update from family and friends.

2.  Facebook aims to create a balance between pages/news sources and statuses from family and friends.

3.  Facebook intends to reduce viewership on social actions created by friends and family members.

The third Facebook Algorithm change can be the one to cause some concern as it will impact the influence others can have over users through their social actions which can indeed effect Facebook pages.

Yet another reason to be using Facebook Ads.

Best practices should always be implemented on your Facebook page to have your marketing efforts seen within news feeds and not heavily reliant on the actions of others.

It is not productive to sit with hopes that their efforts will encourage others to make social actions, your content should speak for itself.

Here are Facebook Best Practices for Your Facebook Page

* Post Consistently – Without over-doing it. Every second day is more than enough (especially with Facebook Ads)

* Keep Content Fresh – Stop recycling content or trying to recreate a viral situation.

* Tell a Story with Text and Images – Spark peoples imagination

* Review Insights – Your indicator of how well your doing with your posts.

A strong strategy will almost always withstand a Facebook algorithm change, especially if you use best practices and combine it with Facebook Ads.

With that said, knowing about changes to the Facebook algorithm is important and can assist in changing or altering your strategy to help you continue to use Facebook as a successful marketing platform.


This article was inspired by the weekly webcast show “Get Your Social On“, which airs Thurs. at 3: 30pm on the popular Automotive show, Auto Dealer Live.

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