Facebook Local Awareness Ads: ‘Call Now’ Button is Coming!

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Facebook Local Awareness Ads will soon be adding a  ‘Call Now’ call-to-action button in addition to its current CTA buttons: Like Page and Get Directions. Its newest anticipated addition will most likely provide more ROI than the existing CTA`s combined.

But first, let`s cover what exactly a Facebook Local Awareness Ad is…

What is a Facebook Local Awareness Ad?

Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Facebook introduced Local Awareness Ads back in October 2014. Its sole purpose is to help your brand get recognition and to remain top of mind to existing or potential customers on Facebook.

Like any other Facebook Ad, you must bid to be seen within the news feed on Facebook, but for less than traditional media and to be honest…most other digital advertising too.

Not to mention, you can target people easily within your local and surrounding areas to keep your brand fresh within the minds of those who may be looking for a specific vehicle or just so you remain relevant.

What Call-to-Action Buttons Does Facebook Local Awareness Ads Have?

What Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Currently, Facebook Local Awareness Ads have two CTA buttons that can either encourage a Facebook targeted user to:

  • Like Page – Get a targeted user to like your Facebook page.
  • Get Directions – Provides targeted Facebook users directions to your business.


The options are great, but neither puts the potential customer directly in touch with your business.

Why the Facebook Local Awareness Ad Call Now Button is the Best Option!

Call Now Call to Action Button

Once the Call Now call-to-action button rolls out onto Facebook Local Awareness Ads it should easily become the first and only option you choose for this particular Ad.


Local Awareness Ads Call Now

Firstly, you should already be running a Page Likes Ad for your Facebook Page as a part of your strategy (you must pay to play).

In addition to Page Likes you too should have Promoted Posts and Clicks to Website Ads running, which will allow you to continue targeting your local and surrounding areas. (These 3 are a must for success on Facebook).

If then, you want to continue with Facebook Ads, the Facebook Local Awareness Ad is a great option, but if you already have the other mentioned Ads running, then people can easily get to your Facebook page as well as, get directions from the same spot.

This is why the `Call Now` CTA button will prove to be more beneficial for your business as the ability for people to call directly from Facebook is the most convenient.

Remember, people don`t always like leaving Facebook or like the idea of having to search for something.

The Facebook Local Awareness Call Now call-to-action button will provide a no-fuss ability for people to connect with your business in a 1-step process. Now that is ideal!


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