Facebook Hashtags Help Businesses Hypertarget Audiences

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Besides applying Facebook Ads (as you should have in place already) there is another way to step up your business’s social media marketing on Facebook.

What are Facebook Hashtags?

What is a Hashtag

Facebook Hashtags are just like other hashtags used around the web; they are primarily used as search terms surrounding common interests, topics, locations etc.

Using a pound sign in front of a word or string of words can go along way and can be helpful for your Digital Marketing, but they have to be used correctly.

Do Your Research!

Facebook Hashtags

Be sure to research the hashtag you intend on using, sure, many use funny Hashtags like a p.s. at the end of a letter, but there is no place for those when using Facebook for business.

Every Hashtag used should have a purpose and should be limited on Facebook, as you don’t want every second word to be a hashtag in hopes that someone is searching for it. Instead, choose one hashtag that fits well within the written copy or in addition to what you’re post is really about.

Use Your SEO Geo-Targets

Recycle those SEO geo-targets and re-purpose them socially. Not only can you use them with Facebook Ads, but you too can use them as location based Facebook Hashtags as well!

What Do Local Posts Have to Do with My Business?

Everything! Especially to those businesses that have a physical location. Capitalize on the two things you know you have in common with potential customers…your product and your location!

People use social networks to connect with like minded people and businesses. They strive to find a commonality, thus, local posts create an instant shared interest. (Not to mention it builds brand trust within your own community.)

Here are three examples of Local Post ideas that you too can draw inspiration from… be sure to look at the Hashtags so you can implement some Facebook Hashtags for your business properly.

1. Facebook Hashtag Example – Fun Facts


Find “Fun Facts” about your city/town that will inspire others who can walk into your business to take a social action (like, share or comment).

2. Facebook Hashtag Example – Landmark


Share with your connected offline turned online community an interesting fact, history, story about a popular landmark. Every town/city has one.

3. Facebook Hashtag Example – Place


Post about any place that is open to the public. Boardwalks, museums, art galleries, popular restaurants, etc. This will surely catch the eyes of potential customers and their interest in your business.

Hopefully, these 3 examples have sparked some excitement in you so you give Facebook Hashtags a try for local posts.

You may be surprised about how many people will gather to a Facebook Hashtag, even your Facebook Insights can be of use to not only create Hashtags but to see how well Facebook Hashtags perform for you and your business.

After all, a Hashtag is a hub for like-mindedness.