What Facebook’s ‘Time Spent on Posts’ Means for Personal Branding

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Personal branding is nothing new but it is booming online, especially in the Automotive Industry and in light of Facebook’s new algorithm change “Time Spent on Posts“, it can help you succeed further with your automotive Facebook marketing and personal branding.

Facebook Time Spent on Post

Facebook pages have the ability to add Facebook Ads that assist in targeting people, who, like your products and are within your local area. Whereas, Facebook profiles have been somewhat limiting when you try and build a presence within your industry.

Many have gone beyond just accepting personal friends and family members and opened their Facebook profiles to connect with like-minded people within their industry to help build clout.

Keeping that in mind, it is a wonder, many haven’t simply switched to Facebook Pages altogether, even if pages are meant more for businesses.

Regardless, Facebook profiles are indeed meant for people and due to a recent survey, Facebook has inquired from its users about how they “like” their news feed.

What Facebook found out is that not everything that people see within their news feed makes them want to take a social action (i.e. like, comment or share), instead, there was a social activity that Facebook was missing…time spent on post.

Facebook Time on Post

People sometimes just read or review photos and watch videos without taking any other action. Some, because they don’t want to and others due to everyone else seeing what they’re up to.

Just because a user doesn’t take a social action does not mean that what they read wasn’t meaningful to them. Therefore, Facebook has introduced “Time Spent on Posts” as a social signal.

What does this new Facebook Algorithm change mean for Personal Branding?

Personal Branding on Facebook

This is a great opportunity for those who use their Facebook profile for personal branding. Of course, you will need to check off the obvious:

  • Great shareable content
  • Content that is relatable to your audience
  • Posting few and far between

With all that said, if someone now stops scrolling within their news feed to read, watch or review your shared content, it will indicate to Facebook that your content was enjoyable to them.

Hence, pushing your profile up within their news feed so they can see more of what you are posting.

There doesn’t always have to be a social action to make something count anymore. Facebook will include the long pauses that people take within their news feeds and make it important, as a personal brander, you can use this to your advantage.


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