How to Create a Functional Google Plus Business Page

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Google Plus has been a complicated social network for many, mostly because it is often compared to sites like Facebook. A G+ business page has its own benefits and they certainly differ from what Facebook offers, yet are still of value to your business.

The Facts About Google Plus

G+ has grown dramatically since it began June 28th, 2011. So much so, that within the first 6 months, over a million business and brand pages were created. Currently, Google Plus has 3 Million+ active users and is known to have a 5-10% click through rate uplift for socially enhanced Search ads.

Google Plus Facts

Prior to creating your G+ business page you will want to take these necessary steps so your page will be indexed in search correctly:

  • Search Your Dealership Name (Past and Present)
  • Rid of any duplicate pages by merging or deleting.
  • Use an existing G+ Profile to create your G+ Business Page.


The 5 Steps to Creating a Functional Google My Business Page

5 Steps to creating a G+ Business Page

First, you need to create your G+ page and choose “Storefront” as your option since you are a local business. You will then be prompted to enter in your business’s physical address, be sure to double check that what you entered is correct and correlates with what you have listed within Google Listings/Google Maps.

My Business on Google Plus

Once you have confirmed your address, you will want to fill out the “About” section of your G+ page. You will need to ensure that it is SEO optimized in a socially written manner. This too will help Google index your page and aid in people finding and learning about your business.

Include your Address, Phone Number, URL, Hours of Operation and in time, your Google custom URL (Google will select this for you, if it does not match, do not claim it, as you will not be able to change it.)

G+ Business Page About Section

The next step is to verify your page by having Google send you a postcard with a pin number you will enter into your page.

Google Plus Business Page Verification

Another form of verification is to claim your G+ Business Page URL.

Google Plus Business Page Custom URL

One of the biggest issues with G+ is to gain followers. One way you can increase your following is by adding a G+ Business Page badge to your website and/or blog.

G+ Business Page Badge

Next you will want to connect your active YouTube account with your G+ business page. Not only will this help with promotion, but it will also help Google Search. You can connect it by going to your YouTube Account and click on “Account Settings” to begin the process.

Connect YouTube to G+ Business Page

Google Plus Business Pages have dramatically changed since its beginnings in 2011. Since then, Google has combined its services into one, titling it as “Google My Business” which is now located within your G+ Business Page Account.

Google My Business now showcases your local listing, Google Map and Analytics for your page and search queries.

Google Plus should be a social network that your business takes seriously and we cover this topic in-depth within our “Get Your Social On” Segment which airs LIVE every Thursday at 3:30pm EST.

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