Converting Social Connections into Customers through Local Social Media Marketing

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Every business is in search of gaining tangible social media connections that can convert into customers and this can be done through local social media marketing!

What is Local Social Media Marketing?

Local Social Media Marketing is utilizing what is already located in your own backyard…literally.

What you post on your social networks can make a huge impact on who your business will attract in gaining likes and followers.

This is why you need to start sharing local posts about your community to your online communities.

Local Social Media Post Types

Needing some types of local posts to help you get started? Here are a few local social media post ideas that can help you flourish. You can use these in any form of content, whether it be images or text.

You can use facts, food and architecture to help connect with your audience. (This can range from exact location, surrounding areas to state wide).


Ex: #FunFact – Memphis was founded in 1819!

Local Businesses

Ex: Have you tried the Bacon Bleu Burger with Parmesan Fries at the Majestic Grille in #Memphis?

Bacon Bleu Burger with Parmesan Fries

Local Places

Ex: #DidYouKnow that the The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum features more than 30 instruments and 40 costumes in seven galleries?

Memphis Rock N' Soul Museum

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Using these three tips can definitely get you well on your way to implementing local social media marketing.

 What Does Local Social Media Marketing Do for My Business?

Local social media marketing can help you capitalize on commonality with people who can actually walk into your store.

Yes, it may not have anything to do with your product BUT (and this is a big but) once you do share your products you will already have the attention of those within your community.

You will not only build brand trust on the products you sell but on the knowledge of your community that can catapult your business into the eyes of those who can actually buy from you.


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