Relax. There is Not Going to Be a Facebook Dislike Button!

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Oh boy…the Facebook “Dislike” Button has caused quite a stir across the web. Some hate the idea, while others love it. Yet, it seems as though Mark Zuckerberg misspoke in a Q&A Townhall LIVE stream on Tuesday September 15th.

Zuckerberg states that a Facebook “dislike” button is on its way to the Facebook platform, however, he quickly follows up with saying that it will not act as a “downvote” of a post, but instead, more like an empathy button. Um…now why not call it like it is then?

An empathy button.

Facebook Empathy Button

Zuckerberg basically says in the townhall Q&A that this so-called “dislike” button will be for posts that are of a sensitive nature and where people do not want to technically “like” the situation that has or is occurring.

Makes sense, but on the Internet, we are so used to the language of “like” and “dislike” in a voting manner. Sites like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and other social media bookmarking sites have trained our brains to up vote and down vote based on our interests.

In fact, that is the purpose of the “like” button and other social actions made on Facebook. Even more recently, stopping while scrolling through the news feed and taking no action is considered an action by Facebook, cause we don’t always want to click or comment on something, does not deem it worthless.

Facebook Dislike Button Not Happening

So, when the announcement of a Facebook “dislike” button was announced by Zuckerberg himself, the Internet had a lot to say about it, and rightfully so. Firstly, many users have requested it, and secondly, many have wondered how it would affect the algorithm for profiles and Facebook business pages.

Luckily, at this point it looks like Facebook Marketers and businesses are safe from the negative effects an actual “dislike” button would have on the platform. Not to mention that if it was indeed a down voting button, Facebook would most likely need to ready its spot next to the old Digg and MySpace.

Phew. We can now relax. There will not be a Facebook “dislike” button…for now, that is.

Check out what caused all the stir surrounding the Facebook “Dislike” Button.

Townhall Q&A with Mark September 15th, 2015Watch the full video of today’s townhall Q&A with Mark.


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