Which Social Networks Provide ROI for Dealerships?

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It seems that dealerships are still stuck in 2010, spending much of their time creating a social presence that does not provide true value. Having a mere presence on social networks just doesn’t cut it anymore and it shouldn’t.

You’re efforts need a return on investment and you need to begin  implementing strategies that will help you define your social media ROI and research which social networks actually do provide ROI for dealerships.

Since there are an array of social networks to choose from you need to first dissect which social networks you will have a presence on and then understand them so you can properly define your goals and expectations.

Some ROI Goals are:

  • Increased Web Traffic
  • Social Signals
  • Branding/Reputation Building
  • Financial Gain


You most certainly do not want to begin using a social network expecting an ROI that the social network cannot provide.

For example: Expecting Instagram to increase web traffic as an ROI would be unrealistic as you are not able to add a URL to images posted.

Here are 3 Social Networks that actually do provide ROI for Dealerships.

1. Pinterest

Increase Web Traffic Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a great social network to increase web traffic and social signals as your defined ROI’s. Creating creative and self explanatory Pinterest boards along with pinning high quality images from your blog and website can increase web traffic and social signals.

Remember that this is only effective by being active on the site and using the site properly.

2. Google+

Google Plus ROI for Dealerships

Whether you love or hate Google+ it does have a role in providing ROI for Dealerships. Since it is owned by the most popular search engine, Google, this social network can provide brand/reputation building and social signals.

G+ is a great place to share blog articles and VDP’s socially as it plays a role in SEO value.

G+ is not just about the page any longer. It is now known as Google My Business< and it has all Google business efforts rolled into one location which is Google+. 3. Facebook

Facebook ROI for Dealerships

Facebook is the ultimate social network as it can apply an array of ROI’s. From website traffic, social signals, branding/reputation building to financial gain. This social network is a powerhouse for return on investments.

Of course, it is only as useful as you understand it and using its tools such as Facebook Ads play a significant role. However, sharing high quality blog posts and socially written VDP’s can play a dramatic role in providing your dealership with ROI.

No matter which social networks you choose, be sure to find its value so you do not waste time or money.

Even if the social site is popular, you need to ask, why am I here and is it providing my online community and my dealership any value? If the answer is no, then it is time for a new social strategy.

This topic “3 Social Networks that Provide ROI” was covered by Wikimotive’s Director of Social Media, Erin Ryan and Director of Reputation Management, Amanda Ryan on a recent episode of “Get Your Social On”.

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