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Why Your Business Profile Picture Matters!

Image of male touching virtual icon of social network
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Your business profile picture says more about your brand than you may think. It is your the “face” of your company for the online world, and could have an effect on your Facebook marketing, as well as other social media efforts.

Your business profile picture will outrank your social media account, page and cover photos.  It is not just another avatar or thumbnail, it is THE image that will be associated with your brand.

Does this have you rethinking how your company is being represented by your current business profile picture? Good. It should.

What Does Your Business Profile Picture Say About Your Brand?

Your business profile picture is the first impression to a potential customer. It will be seen by those within news feeds, publicly and within your social media ads.

Presentation is a key factor in decision making, if your business profile picture looks sloppy, hard to read or doesn`t represent your brand properly, it could imply that you either do not know what you are doing or you are doing it poorly.

A Good Business Profile Picture VS. A Bad One

The Good

A good business profile picture will display a simplistic logo or a person (if they happen to represent your brand). You will always want to research the dimensions based on the social media account you are choosing to use as a marketing platform and apply it to the profile picture.

The Bad

You want to stay away from business profile pictures of your dealership (the building), you need to personalize it and make your presence known, understood and consistent.

A picture of a vehicle just won`t cut it either.

Bad business profile pictures include any sales or promotions that are happening at the dealership. Your profile picture is not the spot to share them.

Be sure to have a professional looking picture that can be used (with the proper dimensions) across all of your social accounts for cross branding purposes.

Think about how you want your business to be perceived, the types of customers you want to attract and how to keep your brand on their mind when your social posts go out!


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