YouTube Cards Add Another Level of Viewer Engagement

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For years YouTube annotations have offered creators the opportunity for viewers to click on external links added to videos.

Now, with the introduction of YouTube Cards, viewers  can experience a whole new level of engagement.

As annotations are small and hardly noticeable, many viewers may over look them. YouTube Cards, on the other hand, provide a visual display.

YouTube Cards are the long awaited annotations alternative.


What Are YouTube Cards?

Similar to annotations, YouTube Cards can be added throughout videos which include external links creators add to engage with viewers.

The sole purpose of YouTube Cards is to better the end user’s experience by providing a sneak peek of what they will click on prior to making that choice.

What Do YouTube Cards Do?

Currently, you can choose from six types of YouTube cards:

  1. Merchandise
  2. Fundraising
  3. Video
  4. Playlist
  5. Associated Website
  6. Fan Funding

YouTube cards can be easily created and edited via the Cards tab located in your Video Editor. You can also easily access it by clicking on the new “i” icon found under each created video.

YouTube Cards Icon

The “i” icon will also appear in the right-hand corner of your videos, which viewers can click on to view your YouTube Cards.

Once the “i” icon is clicked on, the YouTube Cards will pop down. You also have the ability to add multiple cards to each video and viewers can scroll and click.

Multiple YouTube Cards

What Do YouTube Cards Do That Annotations Don’t?

Although YouTube Cards provide the same link functions as annotations, it does not allow simple text. The verified external link will either pull an image or allow YouTube Creators to add a photo.

The most amazing aspect of YouTube Cards is that they are seen via mobile devices. Annotations have not yet been released for mobile video integration.

This newest feature allows YouTube Creators to reach a huge demographic with their external links that have been lacking with annotations.

YouTube Cards definitely add another level of engagement, especially being mobile-friendly and more visually appealing than annotations.

It will be interesting to see how often they will be used and clicked on. At this time, annotations still exist and there is no inkling that they will be disappearing anytime soon.


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