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Automotive SEO

In today’s marketplace, having a strong online presence is a crucial component of running a successful business, and this couldn’t be more apparent than in the automotive industry. For many potential customers, the hunt for that perfect vehicle begins with a simple online search to see what is available in their area. As a dealership, making that first initial contact online and providing them with the information they’re looking for is the key step that can lead potential buyers to the lot and possibly even a purchase. While it may seem like simply having a website would be the obvious solution to attract business, it is a far more complex task to actually get customers to your site. 

Many dealerships utilize pay-per-click advertisements thinking it will be an easy solution. However, most online traffic is generated through organic clicks, which are made by customers who scroll past the paid ads on the top of the SERP (search engine results page) and find a particular dealership among the other listings. It goes without saying that having a high ranking on the SERP will help customers find your page, which is precisely why automotive SEO is an important tool to help your dealership generate the desired traffic. But what is automotive SEO, and how can it be utilized to help your dealership’s online presence grow? 

We’re here to help explain this essential online marketing tool and how we can help!

What Is Automotive SEO?

SEO is the process of helping to improve a website’s traffic by increasing its ranking on the SERP. This is achieved in a variety of ways; perhaps the most important is through creating meaningful content that online customers are looking for. When a customer makes an online query, which is a combination of keywords and phrases entered into a search engine to find something of interest, they are essentially looking for the answer to a question.

To rank well on the SERP, you need to have the best possible answer. This is where the research aspect of SEO can help. By understanding what people are looking for during their online search, content can be tailor-made to your business by utilizing popular search keywords and phrases your customers use. In addition to this personalized content, other practices such as internal linking and meta title optimization are utilized to fine-tune your content and website as a whole, resulting in a higher ranking on the SERP and more online traffic. 

What Does Automotive SEO Look Like?

SEO will help generate more traffic to your website by improving your SERP ranking, but what exactly does that look like for you and your dealership? An effective automotive SEO strategy centers around content marketing. Utilizing tools like SEMRush and Mangools will help you find what people are searching for in your surrounding area, and from there, you can create informative content for your website that proves your authority on the subject. Whether customers are looking for information on a new model or need maintenance, your site will be there to grab their attention and direct them to your business. 

Automotive SEO is more than just the creation of the content itself, though; proper organization of the content is critical in keeping the reader engaged and wanting to learn more about your dealership and everything you offer. Internal linking enhances the experience by providing informative links to the customer for further research or eventually leading them to the conversion stage. For example, if a blog post talks about a certain model you offer, a link to your landing page should be integrated into the content so that the customer can seamlessly transition from casual reading to research. From there, a link can lead to your inventory so that the now-informed reader can see the vehicles you have available. 

In addition to this website coordination, ensuring that the pages on your website are user-friendly is vital to ensuring a notable ranking on the SERP. Everything from lengthy loading times to a lack of mobile device functionality can both affect your ranking and turn customers away from your website if they land there. Fortunately, a great automotive SEO team can make an assessment of your website and find key aspects that need to be improved for a better user experience, allowing you to attract customers to your site and keep them there.

Why Is Automotive SEO Important?

Automotive SEO is a crucial tool when you want to improve your online and in-person traffic, giving you an edge over your competition. The days of simply having a website no longer exist, as you now need to have a precise online marketing strategy to stay one step ahead of your competitors. This requires an extensive amount of research, an understanding of what customers are looking for in your area, and for you to provide them with the answers and information they need. 

All of this can best be achieved by partnering with a team of automotive SEO experts who have the experience and tools necessary to make your dealership the online authority of everything from the latest models to services like oil changes and tire rotations. With the help of local SEO and great content that will grab the attention of potential customers, your dealership can and will dominate the digital marketplace.

How Wikimotive Can Help You Reach Your SEO Goals

With any business, time is a valuable commodity, so why invest your own time into improving your website’s optimization with mixed results? You can leave it in the hands of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in automotive SEO, and rest assured, you will get the outcome you desire. At Wikimotive, we understand how precious your time can be, which is why we are here to help your website excel by reaching your SEO goals while you concentrate on running your dealership. 

Our expert team is here to manage your online presence by continually monitoring online trends, creating meaningful content to generate traffic, and updating your website with the best information available to make you the online authority in everything car buyers are looking for. Automotive SEO truly is a full-time job, so let the experts here at Wikimotive give you the edge over your competition by giving your website the tools to succeed online.

We’re Here to Help Your Dealership Excel Online and Beyond

The goal of automotive SEO is simple: to get your dealership website at the top of the search engine results page. Getting there is a far more complex process, requiring you to be the online authority for any topic your customers may be searching for. Creating that expertise is generated through extensive research of what people are looking for, providing them with the answers they need, and optimizing your site in a way that is easy to navigate and understand for both humans and search engines.

We here at Wikimotive are here to help you take care of this crucial component of online marketing. Our dedicated team will look closely at your website to determine what aspects need to be improved, as well as what potential customers are searching for in your area. From there, our team will create customized and meaningful content that is tailored to answer these specific queries, optimize it with technical aspects such as internal linking, and therefore increase your SERP ranking and generate more organic traffic for your site. 

Still unsure about how automotive SEO can help your dealership? We would love to show you everything Wikimotive and SEO can do for you. Contact us today to see how Wikimotive can help you increase your online presence and help your business grow.