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Investing in Search Engine Optimization is an easy choice. No other advertising medium gives you such direct control over your message or such prolonged return on every dollar spent. Your position in search engine rankings can mean the difference between profit and failure. Being just one position lower than a competitor can mean you get less than half of the traffic to your business. At Wikimotive, SEO is our specialty. We find the most important terms for your business and get you on the 1st page of Google results, guaranteed.

Is Your Business Experiencing SEO Issues?

SEO is one of the fastest moving fields in the world, which makes it one of the most dangerous to take on alone. As a business owner, you can do your due diligence and learn all of the SEO best practices. You can then take those best practices and implement a flawless SEO strategy for your business.

You’ll watch your rankings climb and your business grow, but then, maybe a week, maybe a month later, all of the sudden everything crashes down around you. You’ve slid off of Google page 1 and, in fact, you’re not ranking at all anymore. Not even on the dreaded page 2. Your business slows and you start losing money.

It sounds extreme, but it happens to business owners across the country every day. Google SEO trouble and you’ll find tale of woe after tale of woe of people whose businesses are failing because their SEO has taken a turn for the worse.

Why does it happen?

SEO changes fast, but it also changes hard. It’s not just that what you originally learned works slower or diminishes in potency, old techniques can actually get you penalized to the point where your site isn’t even visible on Google anymore.

Even after all that hard work and research you put in to implement a successful SEO strategy, Google changes one thing and you’re worse off than square 1. For example, you used to be able to buy the links you needed and Google would reward you with good rankings. Now though? Just look at this recent quote from Googles director of webspam and SEO Liason Matt Cutts:

“We’re always working on improving our tools. Some of the tools that we built, for example, to spot blog networks, can also be used to spot link buying. People sometimes think they can buy links without a footprint, but you don’t know about the person on the other side. People need to realize that, as we build up new tools, paid links becomes a higher risk endeavor. We’ve said it for years, but we’re starting to enforce it more.

I believe, if you ask any SEO, is SEO harder now than 5-6 years ago, I think they’d say it’s a little more challenging. You can expect that to increase. Google is getting more serious about buying and selling links. Penguin showed that some stuff that may work short term won’t work in the long term.”

This is why you need an SEO company like Wikimotive. You have a lot of different things to focus on managing your business. Here at Wikimotive, SEO is our business. We track every change Google and the other search engines make, we monitor every subtle shift in the search engine optimization climate, and we ensure out clients have the most up to date strategies, the most cutting edge techniques, every single day.

Content Really is King

They say that content is the new king of digital marketing and SEO, and they’re right. Google and other search engines expect great content published regularly, and that is the heart of the Wikimotive SEO strategy. Not only does great content generate great SEO results, it guarantees your getting the most for your money.

Think about it like this, a lot of SEO companies use techniques that don’t revolve around content, and then when Google switches their linking policies (like they do every few months) all of the work they did becomes worthless and you have to pay them for more work that will be obliterated by Google in a few weeks time. With Wikimotive’s content heavy strategy, that never happens. Great content is timeless, and the content we create for you will be around for as long as your business is around. We are just creating a log of links, we build you a library of content that keeps your business relevant and at the top of Google no matter what changes Google makes.

Contact the SEO Company That Cares About Your Business

In the end, you need to understand that SEO is a convoluted field and it’s full of people looking to make a quick buck. You can find an SEO company to help you for any price high or low, but remember that SEO isn’t a field that requires certification of any kind. Anyone who can put up a simple website (read: anyone) can claim to be a search engine optimization expert and take your money. You need to dig deeper than that to make sure you’re getting the best SEO company available, a company like Wikimotive.

Wikimotive is completely transparent. You want to know what news we’re talking about? Read our daily blog written and syndicated widely by industry experts. You want to know how we’re spending our time when we’re working for you? We give you a detailed report every month so you understand where every dollar is going. In fact, during our roughly 10 years in business, only two clients have ever canceled, after giving us a year or more to prove our worth.

Contact us today and let us prove why we’re the best SEO company out there. Page One Search results are only an email away, so what are you waiting for?