Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of practices and strategies aimed at analyzing the continuously changing algorithms of search engines, such as Google, and actively updating your website and especially specific pages to be as technically perfect as possible. Search engine algorithms today prioritize factors such as security, usability, and the quality and quantity of your content. To this point, it is also critical that the content on your pages be of high length and quality, with a focus on accuracy and user experience. SEO, at its heart, is the collection of methods aimed at maximizing page richness and quality for the user, which is what search engine algorithms reward.

Search engines crawl websites, looking at their structure, speed, usability, and their content quality and quantity. Their algorithms then evaluate these factors and automatically decide which websites and pages deserve more priority, or authority, for a given keyword or search phrase. The more keyword authority a search engine assigns to your website or pages, the higher in the organic search results your web pages will appear.

SEO is the practice of optimizing all of these factors to make your website or page more appealing to search engines. In order to do this effectively, you must first understand what the search engines “like” and “dislike,” and then adjust accordingly. Some optimizations can be as simple as rewriting a paragraph to be more accurate or helpful, or adding some search-optimized links to guide search engines. Other optimizations are more fundamental to the technology driving your website and the metadata behind your pages and images.

Our team of SEO experts can find what’s not working and get it fixed, setting up your website and your business for search success.

Technical SEO

Optimizing your site from a technical perspective begins with evaluating how it’s not meeting the preferred standards, set forth by search engines. This includes looking at factors that impact webpage load speed, your website security, mobile friendliness, meta data and more. These technical components can be thought of like the foundation of a house. You need to build a solid foundation, or strengthen the one you have, before you can build and succeed in other areas of SEO.


During our initial setup, we gain access to your website and any technical tools you have installed on it. During the first months of service we use a combination of software tools and good old fashioned hard work to audit your website for technical problems and deficiencies, including speed, structure, backlinks, internal links, meta data, site technology, and more.


After gaining a comprehensive picture of what needs to be fixed, we craft a correction plan and begin fixing and reworking your website until you have a well-optimized foundation. In severe cases, we may even recommend more drastic measures, such as a new website, and will help guide you through that process.

Foundational Content

Your website has content which informs users about your business, products, and/or services. Many times that content is either thin, outdated, duplicated from another source, or in the worst case scenario, written to outdated SEO practices. Each of these factors will damage your relevance and authority in the eyes of search engines, and just as your technical foundation needs to be sound, the same is true of your website content. In other words, the right content gives you the right results!

Content Analysis

One of the first orders of business, when we begin optimizing your site, will be to read and evaluate your website content, page-by-page. We want to ensure that it’s unique to your website, accurate, robust, and written with the user in mind. It is also critical to ensure that the content on each page addresses the intent of the user who would be landing on it, answering the fundamental question behind their search. Somewhat counter-intuitively, search engines will value your content less if you focus on writing your content for them. Write for the audience and their intent, not the search engine.

Creation and Correction

With the problem areas identified, we work to rewrite and correct your content, bringing it into line with what both search engines and your website users want to see. All the content we write for you is unique to your business and written in-house. We are a U.S. based company, and all work is completed in America so that we can ensure maximum quality for maximum performance.

Ongoing Optimization

Fixing your proverbial foundation is the first step to making you competitive in the organic search landscape. With that said, foundations can develop new cracks, and the content and technical elements on your website are always changing. In addition to repairing and cleaning up your technical and content SEO, we continuously monitor these factors and make changes and corrections any time our audits find new problems. Beyond audits and scans, we will also help you avoid trouble, by advising you and helping with implementation any time you’re making big changes. If your competition is paying attention to your improvements in search visibility, they may react and begin actively competing with you through their own SEO efforts. This is another component of ongoing optimization. We monitor the search landscape that is relevant to your business and your web pages, identifying new threats and updating your technical optimization to counter them.

Wikimotive SEO Service

When you sign up for our SEO service we start by scanning, auditing, and evaluating every inch of your site. Next, we set about fixing, rebuilding, and rewriting, while checking our own work with recurring and ongoing scans. When all is said and done, our tried and tested foundational SEO service positions your business to be competitive in organic search. These practices position you to leverage more aggressive techniques, and drive more traffic to your website. But what makes Wikimotive different? Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence mean we find the issues that other SEO companies overlook, and are dedicated to the best fix, not the cheap and easy fix.