Small Business SEO

If you own a small business of any kind, you are likely on the lookout for the best marketing option out there; hopefully one which can fit into your budget and increase business. Maybe you’re thinking newspaper advertising? How about an email marketing campaign? Good grief, tell us you’re not looking at leasing a billboard!

The reality is that—unless you have a mountain of unused ‘Benjamins’ sitting on your office desk—these are some of the last marketing methods that you should be looking at. Small business SEO is unquestionably the digital marketing strategy with the most measurable ROI of any available option.

Wikimotive Has Local SEO Down to a Pure Science

Effective search engine optimization services use a variety of strategies in conjunction with each other. Combined, these strategies indicate to search engines, in a natural way, that a website or page is relevant for a particular search keyword. Let’s use an example and say you own a flower shop in Salt Lake City.

The term “Flower Shops Salt Lake City” receives 1,900 Google searches per month, according to Google AdWords’ Keywords Tool. Now we know that, on average, 36.4% of search traffic clicks on the first result on page 1 of Google so that means that, as a flower shop ranking for that term, 692 more people per month would visit your business’s website.

The idea behind a high quality SEO service is to create a combination of on-site, optimized landing pages, and off-site content pieces with links back to a company’s website or landing pages. The use of effective search engine optimization will cause a small business to quickly rank in organic search results for the terms that are most highly searched and most relevant to their business. In as few as four months, a search engine optimization strategy can achieve position-1 listings for your website, across multiple terms.

SEO Will Prove Significant ROI for Your Small Business

Informed business owners of course want to be able to track results and ROI. While this can be difficult with marketing mediums such as social media, it can be done with reasonable accuracy for an SEO service. The first thing an educated business owner should do when shopping for a search engine optimization vendor is inquire as to what sort of monthly reporting the vendor will provide.

SEO is hard work, so a vendor doing their job should not need to hide its methods behind claims of ‘secret sauce’ or ‘proprietary formula.’ If an SEO vendor is doing a good enough job, it should be doing more work than your small business could afford to replicate in-house.

Is Your SEO Company Showing Their Results?

There are a handful of items that a vendor should provide in their report every month, if they have nothing to hide. First is a list of links to all the off-site content that has been created during the month. As the customer you want to be able to check that content for quality. If it is poor quality your website could be flagged by Google for unethical SEO practice! The second item is a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) report.

The SERP report should include every keyword that your SEO company is targeting for you; next to every keyword should be the number of local monthly searches that are made for that keyword, as well as the current rank position of your website.

The Answer to Digital Marketing Problems is Always SEO

So what if you’re already using a search engine optimization service, along with a complete digital marketing strategy, and you still have that mountain of ‘Benjamins’ laying around? You might think that now is the time to turn to paper advertising, email marketing, or the dreaded billboard.

No! Spend it on SEO! The value of small business search engine optimization is irrefutable, and if the service that you use is effective, it should be easy to scale and easy to track the ROI of.

Contact Wikimotive for a Free Small Business SEO Analysis

If you have been thinking about engaging in SEO for small businesses, contact Wikimotive. We employ the same sound SEO principals to every one of our clients, but customize each of our clients’ SEO strategy to their business and market.

Already using an SEO service? Make sure your vendor is proving their work and their results every month. If you’re unsure of the value of your current service, give us a copy if your vendor’s monthly report. We will analyze it for free and compare it side-by-side with Wikimotive’s SEO service and reporting.