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As a small business owner, you’re presumably way too busy to dedicate the necessary amount of time to your digital marketing needs. You surely understand how these strategies can positively influence your business, so the best route is to rely on an expert digital marketing firm. That’s where Wikimotive comes into play, as we’ll provide your business with all of the digital marketing resources you could possibly need…and more!

Our Services

Website Design
You want your business’s marketing techniques to transform into leads, and you wants these leads to result in tangible customers. These chances will be greatly increased when you rely on Wikimotive’s website design team. We’ll create an intuitive, informative, and effective site for your small business. These websites can appeal to any internet visitors, and our strategies will result in customers visiting your business.

Online Reputation

Only around 25% of consumers will actually write a review on a company, but these testimonials can have a drastic negative impact on your small business. Thanks to Wikimotive, we can elevate the relevant positive reviews, providing potential customers with only the most glowing recommendations.

Social Media

Nearly half of the more than one billion Facebook users are more likely to purchase from a business that they follow on the site. This only shows how essential it is for your small business to have an effective social media campaign. Wikimotive’s team of social media specialists will work with you to determine a game plan that maintains the business’s human aspect while also capitalizing on all of the general advantages that accompany these marketing strategies.

Content Management

High-quality posts are an excellent way to maximize your company’s incoming leads, but few small businesses are taking advantage of this useful digital marketing strategy. Well, Wikimotive’s in-house team of writers will produce content that is both relevant and well-written, and business’s will ultimately see a return on investment via their search engine standing.

Maximize Your Businesss Potential

Why Opt For Wikimotive?

Wikimotive takes pleasure in seeing our clients realize their online marketing potential. By developing a fool-proof strategy, your small business will quickly see increased traffic across all of your applicable sites and pages, and this ultimately leads to customers heading into your business.

  • In-house teams of marketing experts focused on your success
  • Effective and dependable strategies to maximize your potential
  • A tangible return-on-investment for clients
  • Creative, unique plans developed solely for your business


Essential Expertise

Small business can no longer rely on traditional marketing techniques. Nowadays, you have to reach potential customers in innovative ways, and digital marketing techniques will help you reach your goals. Of course, not all digital marketing firms can provide services for every possibly strategy, and Wikimotive’s versatility is a big reason why our clients are consistently thrilled with our services.

Tangible Results

All marketing strategies are hard to gauge, but small businesses will quickly see a return on investment when they opt for Wikimotive. Our services will directly influence your number of leads, and it isn’t difficult to see the impact our company will have on your business’s growing success.

Wikimotives Services Are Proven and Reliable

So what are you waiting for? Maximize your digital marketing footprint by opting for Wikimotive!

Small Business Marketing Services

You’re looking to take your business to the next level. 

Digital marketing is no longer “optional,” the demands of today’s competitive marketplace make it a necessity. Traditional marketing is dead, and word-of-mouth advertising continues to evolve from private conversations into public social media posts. When the future of your business relies upon effective management of an distinctive online identity, you need the right partner. At Wikimotive, we pride ourselves on results. Our digital marketing services can help your small business reach that next level you have set your sights on.

You deserve to be seen.
Just like you, Wikimotive believes in the value of your small business. Combining innovative technology with inspiring creativity, we create a digital extension of your brand that increases consumer awareness and drives business growth.

Let Wikimotive focus on growing your business, so that you can enjoy your business.

Reputation Management

Now, perhaps more than any other era, small businesses are faced with a life-threatening challenge. Due to the increased use of the internet and the ability of consumers to immediately register their praise or displeasure with a particular business, a crippling remark can tarnish a professional reputation, sometimes hurting that hotel, restaurant, florist, hair salon, or dentist forever.

With the hundreds of review sites available to consumers, including TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook, and Google+, how can a small business owner keep abreast of these derogatory comments, reply to them, protect the business, and continue to keep it growing? As a small business owner with an online presence, your primary job is to run your company profitably on a day-to-day basis. It can be too time consuming or difficult to respond to these negative posts that are hurting your business. So, what can you do?

Contact the team at Wikimotive. When you need help with online reputation management (ORM) to improve or restore your business to good standing, turn to our team of professionals. Most small business owners have been slow to adopt a social media presence, let alone online reputation management. We’ll develop a customized ORM plan that will help you and your small business shine. We’ll check various websites for reviews of your business and respond to those reviews accordingly. It’s important to respond to both positive and negative reviews; you want your customers to know that you appreciate a positive appraisal. On the other hand, you have to show concern when they write a negative review. Our Wikimotive team has the experience to help when you receive a negative review by crafting a well-written, thoughtful response. An angry, strongly-worded reply to a negative review will only antagonize the reviewer and make other readers wonder who is right. Our team knows how to explain your side of the story. We can craft a response that is useful and appropriate. At Wikimotive, your reputation is our job.

Likewise, we can help you take a positive review and expand it into diverse promotional opportunities. Positive reviews, posted with the reviewer’s permission, can be published online as testimonials or even in your print advertising. We can use these positive remarks to increase awareness of your niche industry and introduce you to new customers. These refreshingly honest remarks can be used as content in your email marketing.

Wikimotive is the premier digital marketing service for all types of businesses and industries. In addition to offering ORM, we also help clients with website design, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. All of these digital services are designed to keep your company profitable and growing. While reputation management might be a new area to consider for your business, it is a key part of digital marketing for any small business. We’re here to keep you abreast of knowing what customers are saying about your business and providing the expertise to respond to those comments.

Video Production

“One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million written words.”
– Dr. James McQuivey

Why Video?
Every 30 days, the world uploads more video content than was produced by all major U.S. TV networks over the last 30 years. Since 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos, the audience is certainly guaranteed. In fact, YouTube alone reports 500 million hours of viewing every day. But what does this mean to a small business?

Nearly 60% of people agree that, if both text and video are available on the same topic, they will favor video content. The result? Viewers retain 95% of a message they watch in a video, compared to a 10% retention of the same message if it was read. Is it any surprise that businesses who use video experience 49% more revenue growth compared to those that don’t?

Wikimotive Video Production helps you to best utilize this powerful advertising medium.

Return on Investment

Assuming that you have an active or growing web presence, you have already empowered yourself to receive an even greater ROI than television ad placement. If that surprises you, consider this: a 30-second television spot could air on a New England network affiliate for less than $1500. While that seems affordable, it is unlikely to air during peak hours, and most viewers will skip through commercials (if they’re not already watching the programming on-demand). Ultimately, you have little control over viewing or viewership.

Inclusion of video content on your website can improve search engine results, and organic traffic, by as much as 157%. In fact, it makes the site 53% more likely to appear on page 1 of the search results. Not only are you helping the right people to find you, but video content increases conversion rate by 80% on average.

In terms of social media, 92% of users share videos with others, and video content is shared 1200x more than text or images. Video empowers your loyal customer base to become a sales force for your small business, and word-of-mouth is still the best advertising there is.

In addition, social media advertising can be targeted to specific criteria, giving you full control to determine who your audience is.

Tell Your Story

Marketing cartoonist Tom Fishburne said, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” At Wikimotive, we feel that the best marketing isn’t marketing at all. The best tool for marketing you and your small business is (drumroll, please) the story of you and your small business.

With Wikimotive you can show your audience exactly what makes you unique and why your customers choose to do business with you.

Call us today to learn more about our video production services.

Website Design


“A website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.”
– Dr. Christopher Dayadag

75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on their website, a trend bound to become more prevalent based on consumer trends. While this should be a consideration for businesses of any size, small businesses have more to gain (or more to lose) as a result of their website.

For years, Do-It-Yourself web design has encouraged the misconception that web design revolves solely around aesthetics and content. While both are certainly important to a website’s success, the real success is measured in its ability to generate new business.

A Website Should…

Be the foundation of your online presence. Be both beautiful and functional. Utilize responsive design for use on multiple devices. Act as an extension of your brand (and enhance it). Show early in search results. Attract visitors. Convert those visitors to customers with an effective call-to-action.

Despite competition from online retailers, nearly 80% of mobile phone searches could result in purchases from a local business, as long as that business appears in the first page of a search results.

Why risk potential sales with a substandard web presence? A professionally-designed website paired with the wealth of services offered by Wikimotive can ensure that your business makes the best first impression, and builds upon it.

Break The Mold

At Wikimotive, we understand that your small business is unique; it deserves a distinctive website with a personalized experience for your customers. Let us create a website that works for you, making your small business as successful as you want it to be.

Call Wikimotive today to learn more about our Web Design for small business.

Digital Marketing For Small Business

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

As a small business owner…

…there is a good chance that you love what you do. In many cases, your business may be the realization of a lifelong dream. But even the most entrepreneurial of spirits can succumb to the pressures of growing a business within an evolving marketplace. At Wikimotive, we love what we do: using digital marketing to empower businesses of all sizes to be as successful as they want to be.

Traditional marketing is dead.

In a brick & mortar world with a click & order mindset, your business must continually evolve in order to thrive. Wikimotive offers a wide range of digital marketing services to help you engage new and existing customers, differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors, protect your online reputation, and (yes!) grow your business.

Website Design

Your website is the foundation of your online presence. Wikimotive can offer your small business the opportunity to brand like the big guys, with a customized website that is faithful to your brand identity. Through responsive web design, your distinctive site will be engaging to customers whether viewed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. You work too hard to settle for a cookie-cutter template; Wikimotive can help you break the mold.

Video Production

Small businesses evolve from big ideas, and big ideas deserve to be seen. Wikimotive can translate yours to a visual medium that could increase your online customer conversion by up to 80%. Innovative video content can increase online traffic and improve the effectiveness of your advertising dollar. You have a story…tell it! With Wikimotive behind you, the world is watching.

Search Engine Optimization

When performing an online search, 91% of people won’t scroll past the first page of results. With more than 6.5 billion online searches performed each day, the success of any small business relies on its ability to stand out. Wikimotive can (re)structure your online presence to ensure visibility of your business within an online search, and improve organic traffic. More importantly, we will quantify those results in a manner that allows you to understand the return on your investment.

Social Media Marketing

If your website is the foundation of your online presence, social media is the framework that sits atop it. Over 75% of small business owners who use social media credit it for increased exposure and traffic. Over 50% claim a direct correlation between social media and increased sales. Superior social media engagement creates excitement and interest in your business. At Wikimotive, our Social Media Marketing team establishes your business as a local leader, generating real leads, and providing superior content to keep your audience engaged.

Reputation Management

With over 92% of consumers reading online reviews, everything said about your business influences its likelihood of sustained success. Wikimotive can assist in building a thriving online identity for your business by monitoring online reviews and posts, providing positive resolution in response to negative content, and satisfying the demands of your customer base.

The Wikimotive Difference

You are unique, and so is your business. Wikimotive understands this and provides solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs, in order to best achieve your goals. With our contract-free services, the only commitment is our commitment to your success.

No contracts. No commitments. Just results.