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“A website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.”

– Dr. Christopher Dayadag



75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on their website, a trend bound to become more prevalent based on consumer trends. While this should be a consideration for businesses of any size, small businesses have more to gain (or more to lose) as a result of their website.


For years, Do-It-Yourself web design has encouraged the misconception that web design revolves solely around aesthetics and content. While both are certainly important to a website’s success, the real success is measured in its ability to generate new business.


A Website Should…

Be the foundation of your online presence. Be both beautiful and functional. Utilize responsive design for use on multiple devices. Act as an extension of your brand (and enhance it). Show early in search results. Attract visitors. Convert those visitors to customers with an effective call-to-action.


Despite competition from online retailers, nearly 80% of mobile phone searches could result in purchases from a local business, as long as that business appears in the first page of a search results.


Why risk potential sales with a substandard web presence? A professionally-designed website paired with the wealth of services offered by Wikimotive can ensure that your business makes the best first impression, and builds upon it.


Break The Mold

At Wikimotive, we understand that your small business is unique; it deserves a distinctive website with a personalized experience for your customers. Let us create a website that works for you, making your small business as successful as you want it to be.


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